Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare: Soldier Guide

Want some tips on taking down those pesky plants as the Soldier? Then, check out this detailed guide to start the extermination!

Soldiers are the Riflemen for the Zombies in Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare. They are the all around combat class, able to hit the front lines, or stay back to pick off enemies. Like the Peashooter for the Plants, Soldiers are the only Zombies that can jump high distances to get on tops of buildings.

They are also armed with powerful rocket launchers and deadly gas grenades. Enough of these on a team can really put the hurt on the Plants team. I'll explain the basics of the soldier class, as well as class matchups against the Plants.

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This guide will cover everything about the Soldier including:

  • Basic Combat Tips - Things that give you an edge in battle.
  • Class Abilities - Each ability for Soldier, and what they do.
  • Class Matchups - What to do against each Plant.

Basic Combat Tips - Must be the Infantry

As a Soldier you can pick how you fight. You want to hit the front lines and keep pressure on the plants? Go for it! Maybe you'd like to stand on rooftops and take them out from a distance? You can do that too. Their abilities are: ZPG, Rocket Jump, and Zombie Stink Cloud.

  • ZPG - This ability shoots the rocket launcher on the Soldiers back. It bends over for a couple of seconds before launching the rocket, doing massive damage to anything it hits and splash damage to surrounding plants.
  • Rocket Jump - This causes the Soldier to jump to extreme heights to reach rooftops and other buildings..
  • Zombie Stink Cloud - The ultimate gas grenade. Not only does it deploy smoke that makes it hard to see, it does damage over time to any plants standing in the gas.

All of these abilities are devastating when used correctly.

  • ZPG is a Plant killer for sure. If you hit a Plant with it directly, it is almost always a sure kill.
    • This does decent splash damage, so it is also helpful against groups of zombies.
  • Rocket Jump is makes the Soldier stand out.
    • Getting on top of rooftops and picking off Plants during Gardens and Graveyards is a good strategy to clear the garden.
    • It is also useful to escape and get around enemies.
    • When you see Chompers burrowing for you, use the Rocket Jump to get away.
  • Zombie Stink Cloud can help turn the tide of battle in Gardens and Graveyards.
    • Throw one in the middle of the garden to stop Plants from easily killing your team. It also helps to keep Zombies in the garden longer while the Plants look for you.
    • It is a good group attack because of its damage over time and forces Plants to leave their area.
    • Throwing it at Plants using a rooted ability will do a good amount of damage, or force them to stop their ability.
    • It is great for blinding potted plants so that they can't attack you.

Class Matchups - Frag the Plants


  • Peashooters are similar to the Soldiers because of their basic rifle-like primary weapon and ability to reach high places.
  • Look to rooftops for Peashooters and take them out. Jumping to their location helps a lot with this.
  • Watch out for their Gatling ability. Stay out of sight when they do this. Throwing a Stink Cloud or using the ZPG are good ways to stop them during this.


  • Chompers are always a pain. They are the rogues of Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare. They can easily catch you off guard and swallow you.
  • If you know Chompers are on the team, keep watch on the ground to spot burrowing.
  • Rocket Jump away when you see them, or stay on rooftops to easily kill from a distance.


  • Sunflowers heal the Plants team and can do a great amount of damage with their Sunbeam attack.
  • Attack from a distance. Use the Stink Cloud or ZPG when they root for the Sunbeam.


  • Snipers and annoyer of the Plants. Don't stay at a distance if a Cactus see you.
  • Watch the skies for their Garlic Drones and blast them immediately.
  • Watch the ground for potato mines, they instantly kill you. You can destroy them by shooting them or with the ZPG.

That's the end of the Solder class guide. If you have questions or suggestions, let me know in the comments.

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Published Mar. 9th 2014
  • David_1019
    Hey once you unlock the multi rockets how do you use them in the game
  • Synzer
    Guide Editor
    Go to the character selection. Highlight the ZPG, the go left or right to change it, just like picking a different character variant.

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