11 More Pokemon That Totally Look Like Rock Stars

Gene Simmons isn't the only rock star with a Pokemon doppelganger. There are plenty more out there from Kanto to Alola. You won't want to miss these!

Game Freak recently made waves with new Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield announcements, telling fans that Pokemon would receive special "Galarian" forms.

One of these Pokemon, the Galar-exclusive Obstagoon, quickly went viral for its resemblance to KISS star Gene Simmons. The rocker himself weighed in, telling Newsweek that seeing Pokemon pay tribute to KISS, even accidentally, was an honor. 

But Gene Simmons isn't the only rock star with a Pokemon doppelganger. There are plenty more out there from Kanto to Alola, so join us as we examine eleven other rock stars and their Pokemon doubles!

Hanson and Alolan Dugtrio

Fans of Pokemon Sun and Moon probably have a certain amount of deja vu right now, given the fact that as soon as Alolan Dugtrio was announced, this same Gene Simmons/Obstagoon conversation was happening with Alolan Dugtrio and the Hanson Brothers.

It's too perfect; down to the fact that the hair and height of the Dugtrios match the hair and heights of the three brothers on their now iconic album cover seen above. 

Annie Lennox and Voltorb

Eurythmics star Annie Lennox's iconic striped makeup and electric red hair, combined with her fierce eye and eyebrow contouring, turn her into a dead ringer for Voltorb.

Perhaps Voltorb's levitate ability could keep Lennox from walking on all that broken glass.

Adrian Young and Machoke

No Doubt drummer Adrian Young's mohawk and penchant for wearing only underwear make him a match for everyone's favorite, slightly unsettling buff Pokemon Machoke.

The only thing missing is the muscle definition, so if Adrian Young's planning on dressing up as Machoke for Halloween, he's gonna have to hit the gym.

Lizzo and Wigglytuff

You can't look me in the face and tell me that everyone's favorite self-affirming pop superstar Lizzo doesn't have the same positive energy and vibe as Wigglytuff.

Plus, Wigglytuff's little hair tuft is perfect for tossing, right before they check their nails.

Marilyn Manson and Tentacruel

Granted, this one might be a little bit more of a stretch given that Marilyn Manson doesn't have any tentacles (that we know of).

However, his penchant for creepy, smoky black eye makeup, and generally seeming like he could poison you just by touching, you matches him up perfectly with Tentacruel.

Eminem and Decidueye

We considered a few other doppelgangers for Marshall Mathers, most notably Scrafty. Scrafty was disqualified because of their mohawk, so we landed on everyone's favorite dark, hoodie-wearing owl, Decidueye.

More than just looking similar, Eminem and Decidueye both have the same dark, brooding, don't-mess-with-me aggressive energy.

Angus Young and Mr. Mime

Look, we ran the numbers. Then we ran them again, just to be sure. We've considered all of the alternative possibilities. We regret to inform you that Angus Young of AC/DC totally looks like Mr. Mime.

We hate it as much as you do, but imagine Mr. Mime in a suit jacket and shorts. It just fits.

Sid Vicious and Spearow

Spearow is a perfect match for Sex Pistols frontman Sid Vicious in both look and heck-the-world attitude.

They both share spiky hair (feathers?), a permanent punk-rock scowl, and a healthy anti-authoritarian attitude that causes them to attack anyone who dares throw rocks at them.

Joey Ramone and Grimer

Punk legend Joey Ramone's rock legacy doesn't include any sludgecore, but his iconic hairstyle and face shape is, somehow, oddly reminiscent of Grimer.  

Meatloaf and Magmar

We'd like to think Meatloaf would appreciate being compared to the fiery Magmar, and why wouldn't he? It's a perfect match outside of the Guy Fieri-style flame motif, from the brow shape to the body shape.

But hey, two out of three ain't bad.

David Bowie and Zangoose

Zangoose and David Bowie, specifically Aladdin Sane-era Bowie, look similar enough that there is some widespread speculation over whether the pokemon was specifically based on The Thin White Duke.

We see it. What do you think? 

There's a lot more to be excited about in Pokemon Sword and Shield, whether that be it's non-linear map, copious yet-to-be-solved mysteries, or a bevy of new pokemon. Head over here to see three more reasons why. 

Pokemon Sword and Shield are set to release on November 15. Until then, are there any other Pokemon doppelgangers for rock stars? Let us know in the comments!

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Published Dec. 20th 2019

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