How to Fuse NG+ Personas in Persona 5

In your NG+ playthrough of Persona 5, you may be wondering when and how you can fuse your personas. Here's the answer.

Fusing Personas in Persona 5 is essential in gaining the upper hand throughout your playthrough. And with a lot of players starting their second runs in NG+, they're wondering what happens to their Personas and fusions. This guide will tell you everything you need to know so that you can be prepared for your run of new game plus.  

Do Personas Carry Over for Persona 5 NG+?

The short answer: no.

Personas do not carry over into NG+ with you -- only their compendium entries do. So make sure to register all the Personas you have. Itemizing them is an option. But since you're only able to itemize one Persona per day, you should focus on ones that can yield valuable skill cards or powerful gear.

How to Fuse Personas in Persona 5 NG+

It's quite simple, really. You will obviously need to have gained access to the Velvet Room in order to start fusing your Personas. On May 18th in-game, Caroline and Justine will be available for you to talk to and unlock the strength confidant. 

If you've already leveled up the strength confidant to their max level in the previous playthrough, you can create powerful Personas immediately. If not, then you will have to play on further until the Wardens have ranked up some more.

It is also worth noting that the demon Persona, Satanael, can only be fused and registered in the compendium in NG+. So having the strength confidant readily available from May 18th will be extremely useful for this reason. Bear in mind, though, that Satanael is extremely expensive at this point -- so have some deep pockets full of yen at the ready.

That wraps up this short guide on NG+ fusions. Take a look at our other Persona 5 guides if you're in need of some help:




Published Jul. 7th 2017

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