These Iconic Moments Need to Be in the Resident Evil 2 Remake

The Many Forms Of Birkin

Dr. William Birkin is responsible for the mess that Raccoon City became, both by helping develop the viruses that spread through the city and by actually spreading them himself (kind of).

Birkin was shot and mortally wounded while trying to protect samples of the T-virus and the G-virus. In an attempt to save his own life and retrieve the samples, he infected himself with the G-virus. The result was a monster that would eventually become the ultimate boss of Resident Evil 2.

Through the course of the game, you encounter Birkin several times. Each time you defeat him, the G-virus mutates him even more. Each time he arrives, it's a new and horrifying experience. The series of fights brings a sense of continuity to the game while hinting at just what you'll be facing in order to escape the city.

Published Jan. 2nd 2019

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