Next-Gen Games to be Sold at $70... Again

Games for the next-gen consoles are going to be $70 again.... god dammit.

Are you kidding me?Microsoft and Sony, I sometimes hate you.Okay so I read this article at and basically when the next PS4 and Xbox 720 come out, the games are going to go back to the $69.99 prices. This is, pardon the swearing, bullshit. I mean as someone who has spent hundreds of dollars over the years on games and consoles... this feels like Sony and Microsoft are spitting in my face.Let's be honest...Will this price increase prevent us from going out and buying the games? Hell no. Us gamers always find a way to play, it just means that Bonnie and Clyde over here will be getting larger shares of the loot. Sales may go down a bit, but not so significantly as to where Sony and Microsoft will lose more money than they are making now.In ClosingDoes it piss me off that games will go back to their old prices? Hell yeah.Am I going to do anything about it? Well, besides complaining about it every once and a while and besides writing this article... no.Don't forget to like my page on Facebook.Leave your comments below. I read and answer them all.Haemish out. All information provided relates to the time of release of this article.

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Published Feb. 23rd 2014
  • KonradGamez
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    Yeah, well said.
  • Call-Me-Kenneth
    i wonder how will this affect PC games. i don't think a price hike will happen on a medium where people turn to piracy at the slightest inconvenience (DRM, more so after the simV debacle) but i guess they will stagger releases on pc... again. because given the limited improvements on console technical specs and the fact that both consoles will be easy to port to pc, why would anyone who has already invested on a pc ever buy a console title, or a console for that matter? the only way i see that happening is if we go back to the old practice of console exclusive titles for 2 - 3 years before a PC release... sad to say, we should be kissing goodbye the multiplatform releases we been so accustomed to lately.

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