The 6 Craziest Modes of Transport in Games

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We all need to get places, some prefer the humble train, but others just want to show off and use their own private helicopter. Then you come to the modes of transport in this list, they are so crazy and ridiculous that their users can only be out of their minds.

From the real world, to the fantasy realm of Azeroth, the following list will take you through the craziest modes of transport known to any being. Some want to eat you, some are simply made of every horse, some bounce at the slightest mention of a pebble, and there is even one which would blast you into all of the pieces.

A crazy means of transport is simple to identify when you ask yourself a few questions, is it a harmful creature, does it want to pull your head off, can it fly but has no wings, is it a bug? If any of these are true then the method of transportation you are looking at is crazy, but if more than one of them is true, it just gets a bit crazier.

Transportation: Rallycross (RX) Supercar

Game: Dirt Rally

The least crazy mode of transportation is any of the Rallycross Supercars. These monsters of any surface are not ordinary cars, they are 600bhp rockets with 900Nm of torque. This is enough pulling power to drag a Boeing 747 around.

The 600bhp, combined with AWD, allows an RX Supercar to shoot off the line faster than any F1 car -- in fact faster than almost every single car on the planet. The 0-60 MPH is around 1.9 seconds, depending on the car setup, and driver.

When you take into account that there are no electronic assists for the driver to fall back on, an RX Supercar definitely wants to rip your head off.

And next on the list, a much slower, but crazier mode of transport.

Transportation: Silt Strider

Game: The Elder Scrolls: Morrowind

While a car isn't alive, it can't actively rip your head off, it's not quite as crazy as riding a bug. A Silt Strider is a logistical transport vessel, as well as a people moving mobile. It's also a giant bug.

Native to the lands of Morrowind, they were almost wiped out by a natural disaster, but thanks to the Dunmer (Elves) -- the only ones who want to ride these massive beasts -- they are still alive and carrying everyone's burdens.

Silt Striders are rideable, living bugs, why would you want to use them? Crazy Dunmer! But as they are not hostile; they are not crazier than our next vessel of conveyance, where we move over to the lands of Azeroth -- it will not be the only one either.


Transportation: Kor'kron Juggernaut

Game: World of Warcraft

While technically not living, this WoW mount is still a scorpion made of metal. A bug -- somewhat -- with many implements of death -- one of which is directly behind your head. Created by Garrosh Hellscream, this scorpion robotic creation will make you scream -- to hell and back.

With a drill, serrated disk saw, and laser tail directly behind the riders head, this WoW mount will kill you of it's own volition, by accident, and is a scorpion -- you know they kill stuff right?

We take a break from Azeroth for the next less-than-sane pick.

Transportation: Skells

Game: Xenoblade Chronicles X

Skells are pilotable mechs. They can run, drive, and fly. They're Transformable and that means that if something falls off, the transformation can no longer happen correctly. Why would you pilot something that can no longer perform properly if it get's damaged?

Skells can fly, if a module get's slapped to them. This equates to rockets stuck to their shoulders. When they do fly, do they have wings? If the flimsy looking flaps count as wings then yes, but on the crazy scale they are about half way.

A Skell won't directly try to kill you, but flying without good wings, and fear of death via damage when trying to transform launches a Skell to 4th.

Next up, we find out way back to Azeroth, hopefully not flying using a Skell -- because the next WoW mount might cause some damage.


Transportation: Depleted-Kyparium Rocket

Game: World of Warcraft

It says it right there, "rocket". While rocket doesn't mean it's a missile, going up to space with rockets is crazy enough for me, so riding one around is absurd.

Let's talk about where the mount [insert expletive] do you sit? Sitting in the middle will get your legs burnt off, and sitting on the back can only destabilize the rocket. That's leaves us with the front, which doesn't look very fun.

We are left with an uncontrollable rocket, which could explode at anytime, with stabilizing fins that don't look to be of much use, and with no where to sit, this is one crazy ride. It's not a question of IF, it's a question of when you will die from riding this rocket mount.

Next up is the craziest mode of transport in games. We move into the far future for this one.

Transportation: M35 Mako

Game: Mass Effect

Who remembers the Mako? Everyone does I'm sure.

This monster of a vehicle starts bouncing around at the mere mention of a bump, shaking the occupants of the vehicle up. With suspension made out of the most rubbery of rubber, the Mako wants to kill by bouncing the people inside it to death. It wants to fly, using its jump jets, which rocket the vehicle into spirals -- the Mako sometimes lands on it's roof. It also has a cannon on the top of it, fire that at the wrong time and it will flip you about.

All of this, and the Mako has an element zero core, allowing it to change mass. The Mako doesn't only want to remove life from the occupants but also anyone else.

The Mako is the craziest mode of transport around, as it simply never stops buffeting. It always wants to shake everyone up, no matter what it does.

Well, that was a crazy ride! Gaming has no shortage of mad ways to get about, and these are top of that pile. From the real world, to the fantastical, if you want to get around and make a statement gaming lets you.

What is the craziest mode of transport you have come across in games?

Published Jun. 3rd 2016

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