The 6 Craziest Modes of Transport in Games

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Transportation: M35 Mako

Game: Mass Effect

Who remembers the Mako? Everyone does I'm sure.

This monster of a vehicle starts bouncing around at the mere mention of a bump, shaking the occupants of the vehicle up. With suspension made out of the most rubbery of rubber, the Mako wants to kill by bouncing the people inside it to death. It wants to fly, using its jump jets, which rocket the vehicle into spirals -- the Mako sometimes lands on it's roof. It also has a cannon on the top of it, fire that at the wrong time and it will flip you about.

All of this, and the Mako has an element zero core, allowing it to change mass. The Mako doesn't only want to remove life from the occupants but also anyone else.

The Mako is the craziest mode of transport around, as it simply never stops buffeting. It always wants to shake everyone up, no matter what it does.

Well, that was a crazy ride! Gaming has no shortage of mad ways to get about, and these are top of that pile. From the real world, to the fantastical, if you want to get around and make a statement gaming lets you.

What is the craziest mode of transport you have come across in games?

Published Jun. 3rd 2016

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