League Of Legends: Vel'Koz Review, OP Much?

I took to the Rift with Vel'Koz today, and decided to share my thoughts.

I've been looking for champions to broaden my champion pool lately. Naturally I picked up the Vel'Koz bundle at launch. Wokendreamer released a guide on Vel'Koz for quick success.

Why did I give Vel'Koz an 8?

Vel'Koz is way over-powered at the moment. He doesn't feel the mana drain early if you play him like a conventional mid. The big thing though, is the amount of burst damage he does. If you can land consecutive hits enemies just melt. As the game progresses, Vel'Koz can 100-0 most of the carries if he catches them out-of-place.

Broken Ultimate:

The big thing though, is the fact that Vel'Koz's Life Form Disintegration Ray is broken. The attack hits all enemies in a line in front of him. However, at the moment the attack also hits enemies that approach him from behind. Check the video below for a visual representation.

Final Thoughts:

Overall Vel'Koz is a fun champion to play. I just think a few minor tweaks are needed to solidify his kit. Definitely worth the RP I spent on him in the long run, as he matches my long-range play style.

For more League of Legends content, including a Vel'Koz support guide, be sure to check out my League of Legends content directory.

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I took to the Rift with Vel'Koz today, and decided to share my thoughts.

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Published Mar. 3rd 2014
  • Team Teemo
    The "Bug" you have there isn't so much a bug as it is a placement of the beam. The way his ult works is the beam starts in the middle of the spirte, and has an aoe. So the beam actually does damage within a set area around him due to this. But since his spirte is wide, it's likely the beam doesn't stretch far enough past it to do damage on the sides. It'll likely be different once they tweak it a bit.

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