American McGee's sister is still missing; he thanks GamerGate for raising money

American McGee's sister is still missing, and now foul play is suspected

Over 3 months ago, American McGee's sister, Mercy Covington, was declared missing by the famous developer. Not long after that, McGee stated that he was in the process of vetting a private investigation agency after the Dallas Police Department made little ground in finding the missing woman. It is now 3 months later, and Mercy is still nowhere to be found. Now Dallas PD has informed American McGee that foul play may be suspected.

According to this tweet posted just yesterday, McGee has reaffirmed that his sister is still missing. In an attempt to speed up the process of possibly finding her, the family has now turned to crowdfunding to help build up the money required to continue paying their private investigator. According to the GoFundMe page:

Our family has been desperately searching for MERCY COVINGTON since she went MISSING on Tuesday, November 10th 2015.  Dallas PD has not been able to dedicate the time required as they are extremely overloaded and greatly understaffed.  So we have hired a private investigator to assist them in their ongoing investigation.  Unfortunately, reputable and effective private investigators are not cheap and we are running out of funds.  TIME is of the essence as Dallas PD believes that Mercy may be in SEVERE DANGER or has been a victim of FOULPLAY.  We are asking for your help.  Any contribution would be immensely appreciated!  We have already suffered the devastating loss of our youngest sibling in May 2015 and are praying for answers in Mercy's disappearance.   THANK YOU for your HELP!

An update on the page also states the following:

Thank you all so very much for your kindness and generosity! We appreciate your support immensely. We have been collecting new information daily. Due to the sensitive nature of this situation, we are unable to divulge details at this time. We can, however, tell you that we are awaiting results from multiple forensic tests and should receive them in the next week or so. We will keep you posted on progress as much as possible. Thanks again for your donations!

For those who do not know, American McGee suspects a GamerGate opponent of kidnapping his sister. These suspicions arise from multiple posts by a single GamerGate naysayer who harassed McGee with threatening messages involving his sister. American McGee has been a long-time supporter of GamerGate - if only at arm's length.

In more recent tweets, McGee has praised GamerGaters for their efforts in helping him find his sister while simultaneously attacking others for doing nothing.

So far, GamerGate members, family, and friends seem to be the bulk of the donations to McGee's GoFundMe page. At of the time of writing, the fund has reached $3,000 of its $5,000 goal in just 6 days. If you would like to help American McGee's mother search for his missing sister, you can donate money to the cause via the GoFundMe page.

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Published Feb. 25th 2016

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