Look! In the Tall Grass! A New YouTuber!

A new youtuber sharing some content with the wonderful people of GameSkinny. In search of advice, feedback and subscribers :)

Hey, my name is Phil (aka. TheCrumpetMunch) 

I've recently started making gaming videos for YouTube and was hoping to get a bit of notice from the excellent GameSkinny community, who I know are all about making the little voices heard. I started making videos for YouTube because I've always had a passion for gaming and it seemed like a great way to join a community of like minded people.

It's very difficult for a new channel to rise on YouTube, as there is a vast array of gaming content already available. I hope to create funny content for my channel, working with others and writing amusing sketch-like gaming videos. My first series of comedy videos is a series called "How to be BEAST." It's a mock-tutorial style series that shows players how to be good at games using nonsensical methods. I want my comedy not to be the screaming and swearing reaction comedy we see so much in gaming videos. I will try to deliver comedy that is well written and involves a lot of bad puns.

Here is my first episode in my How to be BEAST series:

If you could watch this video and offer any feedback or advice, remembering it is very early days for me, and maybe like or even subscribe, it would be greatly appreciated. I have other ideas waiting to be made into videos, though available time to create those isn't always readily available. 

Currently on my channel there is a Let's Play series involving goats, unfortunately not Goat Simulator, that has been a lot of fun so far. I know many on GameSkinny love goats, so please check out those videos if you can. 

Thanks for reading guys. Anyone who is on a similar journey through the depths of YouTube, please get in touch! 

My channel can be found here!

Published Apr. 21st 2014

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