5 Ways to Game a Bunch without Spending a Bunch

Tips for saving money on video games, from a budget-gamer

There are numerous reasons why people love video games. They provide hours of fun challenges, allow people to relax after a difficult day, and to catch up with old friends or make new ones. Every gamer has his or her own reason for loving video games, and for wanting to play new ones when they come out.

Affording the latest game , however, is not always possible for everyone. As an avid gamer, I've definitely had to pry myself away from the "New Releases" section in stores because of a lack of funds. So, I thought I would share with others a few ways that I have managed to save money while still playing games I really like. I also did some research to see what other people have advised, and combined that with my experience to make the following list of tips.

Tip #1: Investigation

So, you've heard great things about the new big title from a well-known developer. All your friends are excited for the release. But before you go immediately spending a lot of money on this game, it might be a good idea to wait and see how excited people are after actually playing it. Check online for reviews from fellow gamers, but make sure you look at a lot of them. It'll take longer to look at several reviews, but just looking at one or two might not give you the most accurate idea of the game. 

Tip #2: Playing the Waiting Game

Now that you've done plenty of research, and found out this game is as incredible as you hoped, it's time to finally purchase it, right? Not necessarily. Games, like just about every other retail item, are more expensive when they first hit the shelves. Of course, waiting until the price goes down might be a challenge, but it might also be worth it to save a few bucks. Just think of it as unlocking your own personal achievement: Waited X months for price to go down before buying game

Tip #3: Rent or Borrow

Done the research and not sure if the game will live up to your expectations? Still want to try it out? Renting or borrowing is always an option. There are a few companies that provide video game rentals, such as Redbox and Gamefly. As for borrowing, that depends on how willing your friends are to loan out their games. If they keep telling you how much they love the game and how much you need to play it, you may want to hint that they could help you out with that. 

Tip #4: Buy Used Games

Used games will always be less expensive than brand new ones. If you're unsure about buying anything new, you don't need to hesitate. I can honestly say that I mostly buy used games, and they work fine. Plus, many stores that sell used games will give you a number of days to try the game and return it if any problems come up. 

Tip #5: Sell or Trade-in Older Games

Finally, you can get money to spend on new games by giving up games you finished playing. You can sell your games online, for example, and use that money toward new games. Then you can repeat the process with those games.

Some stores, like Gamestop, will  let you trade-in your old games for store credit. There is even a helpful section on the Gamestop website that lists "Trade-in Values" for specific games and consoles. 

A plethora of new games are coming out later this year. With this list, hopefully you will feel more prepared. Now go forth, and spend wisely!


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Published Aug. 8th 2014
  • John_1623
    Not sure how it works for xbox, but on playstation if you have playstation plus you can get several big name games "free" several months to a year after release. You do need to spend the $50 for a year subscription, but 2 or 3 free big games make it worthwhile.
  • Mary-Kate Wagamon
    Oh, great to know! I don't own a recent Playstation, so I was unaware. I know Xbox One offers some free games to Xbox Gold subscribers, but I don't know if they do that with any big name ones.

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