5 Most Useless Party Members in the Most Popular RPGs

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Did you ever suffer through a terrible gaming experience, when it wasn't actually your fault, but the fault of an NPC? You tried your best, but got screwed over by artificial "intelligence," right? 

Let's be honest. Though a lot of RPGs have useful sidekicks and companions, that will stand by your side until the very end, there will always be a bunch of ignoramuses who will screw up your journey and let you down!

This slideshow talks about some of those "companions" who think they are trying to do a good deed for you, but end up making your life miserable instead. They were selected from RPGs far and wide for their foolishness, lack of situational awareness, and just not being helpful whatsoever!

5. Solas (Dragon Age Inquisition)

Rude, arrogant, full of himself, disrespectful, belittling -- these are just some of the words players can describe this elf with. Just look at that mug! Seriously, do you expect this clown to say something nice to you, or offer words of encouragement and support. He looks like one of those people who would tell you something like, "Told you so!" He always has a response to everything that is said to him, and thinks he's better and more superior than you. 

As far as him in combat goes, let's just say that there are much better and more suitable choices that could easily replace him. Sure, he's a mage, but if you can find a replacement for him (which you can!), do so quickly...

4. Cait Sith (Final Fantasy VII)

An easy argument can be made here in regards to all Final Fantasy companions -- all of them have their ups and downs. So, why are we picking on this guy, right? Well, it's bad enough that that damn cat is riding on top of a fat/stuffed Moogle, a somewhat of a mockery of a beloved Final Fantasy character that many fans hold dear, but it also has reduced number of limit breaks.

The choice here is very obvious. Don't want this thing to be in your party? Switch it out! We are certain that there are many other companions that are far better and more powerful than Cait Sith.

3. Strong (Fallout 4)

Strong disliked this! Strong disliked that! Strong dislikes everything! Oh, what's next? I stop to tie my shoes, and Strong will probably dislike that as well! We are serious when we say this... Strong HATES everything you do! If you are the type of person that shows sympathy, and doesn't want to harm innocent people, Strong will despise you for that! Seriously, why is he even in the game!

In combat situations, his giant size not only makes him an easy to hit target, but he'll probably get stuck in narrow areas, thus forcing him to find an alternative route, meaning that he won't be able to watch your back. Speaking of watching your back, his default weapon of choice is an Automatic Pipe Rifle, a laughable version of any automatic weapon in the game. He would be better off with a water gun!

2. Unknowns (Pokemon)

Pokemon games are full of Pokemon! There are hundreds of them, so why this thing specifically then? Simple. Unknowns suck... even Magikarp is better than them (if used properly. Oh, Magikarp also evolves into Gyarados!)! Their stats are terrible, they don't evolve, and they can only know one move -- Hidden Power, a move that literally any other Pokemon can easily learn.

Besides their lore in the Pokemon games, don't ever have one on your team! They won't be able to defend you, and will drop like flies if you try to tackle a gym, Pokemon League, your rival, and more adversaries. 

1. Any Companion from Skyrim

Watch out Lydia fans, cause we're coming for you! Companions (no, not the group in Whiterun...) suck. All of them. Yes, each one is different, with a different arsenal of skills and weapons, but at the end of the day, they'll simply ruin your experience.

Traveling through a Draugr dungeon, being careful enough not to set off any pressure plate traps (or any other traps for that matter)? Don't worry! Those brainless fools will take care of that, ignoring the trap completely and setting it off for you! Or, wish to avoid a more powerful enemy, and not engage it in combat, knowing that it'll annihilate you? No fear, your awful companion is here! They won't care who the opponent is! Brave, or stupid? Probably the latter. By them fighting a stronger enemy, they are increasing the chances of their own death, and are dragging you into the fight, hoping that you'll rescue them...or most likely die a stupid death.


Did you ever have any terrible party member experiences during your playthroughs of RPGs? Who were they, and what did they do? Let us know down below!

Published Dec. 21st 2016


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