5 Most Useless Party Members in the Most Popular RPGs

3. Strong (Fallout 4)

Strong disliked this! Strong disliked that! Strong dislikes everything! Oh, what's next? I stop to tie my shoes, and Strong will probably dislike that as well! We are serious when we say this... Strong HATES everything you do! If you are the type of person that shows sympathy, and doesn't want to harm innocent people, Strong will despise you for that! Seriously, why is he even in the game!

In combat situations, his giant size not only makes him an easy to hit target, but he'll probably get stuck in narrow areas, thus forcing him to find an alternative route, meaning that he won't be able to watch your back. Speaking of watching your back, his default weapon of choice is an Automatic Pipe Rifle, a laughable version of any automatic weapon in the game. He would be better off with a water gun!

Published Dec. 21st 2016

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