Pokemon Lingerie, I choose you!

Check out the new Pokemon inspired lingerie

Let’s take a Pikachu, new Pokemon inspired lingerie. In celebration of it’s 20th anniversary The Pokemon Company is releasing a lingerie line.

Yummy Mart, a sleepwear and lingerie company,  and The Pokemon Company have teamed up to create Pokemon inspired undies for its trainers. This line includes:

Sleep Masks

Hooded Robes

Since Pokemon came out in 1996 their fan base has grown up. This line is directed toward the older fans. There are also tank tops and shorts for those who don’t want to be so close to Pokeballs. This item can easily be worn outside the bedroom.

This plush covered bra and panties set is not for sale but, does look comfy.

Wednesday, April 20th is the debut of the Pokemon lingerie. Unfortunately, it’s unlikely that it’ll come to the West. US trainers can look forward to The Pokemon Company creating a unisex fashion. Some Charmander unides would be hot... Gotta catch em! Pokemon!

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Published Apr. 18th 2016

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