Anime World Tower Defense (AWTD) Codes (February 2024)

Get the latest Anime World Tower Defense codes and protect your base!

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Updated: February 25, 2024

We searched for the latest codes!

Being a huge fan of both anime and tower defense games, I was super excited to discover that this experience allows me to protect the base by summoning my favorite characters, like Naruto, Goku, and Deku. Redeeming Anime World Tower Defense codes made the experience even better.

To ensure your base stays safe, you will need more powerful abilities and units. Redeeming Anime World Tower Defense codes will get you a bunch of Reroll Tokens, Puzzles, and Shards that you can use to summon better heroes and protect your base from hordes of enemies. If you’re interested in similar Roblox games, check out our Eternal Tower Defense Codes article to get the latest freebies!

All Anime World Tower Defense Codes List

Anime World Tower Defense Codes (Working)

  • Ninetails: 3,000 Puzzles and 25 Reroll Tokens (New)
  • Valentine2024: 10 Chocolates (New)
  • February11Accident: x3K Puzzles and 25 Reroll Tokens (New)
  • 1MGolds: x1 million Gold (New)
  • 100MVisit: x10K, x5 Miracle Shards, and an Exclusive Skin (Requires level 50+)
  • GodShinobi: x3K Puzzle
  • SorryForQuestBug: x5K Puzzles and x1 Miracle Shards
  • 30KLikesTysm: Puzzle (New servers only)
  • UchigoDaigan: x3K Puzzle
  • 75MVisit: x3K Puzzle and x750K Gold (Requires level 25+)
  • 125KFav: x10K Puzzle and x5K Spirit (Requires level 25+)
  • MerryChristmasAWTD2023: x10K Christmas Bell and a Legendary Padoru Unit
  • CHRISTMAS2023: 3K Christmas Bell
  • StringKingdom: x30 Reroll Tokens and x3K Puzzles
  • 50MVisit: x5K Puzzles and x5 Miracle Shards
  • KingLuffy: x250 Puzzles
  • Noclypso: x250 Puzzles
  • BlamSpot: x250 Puzzles

Anime World Tower Defense Codes (Expired)

  • 30MVisits
  • MyHero
  • 35KLikes
  • PirateKing
  • DemonHunt
  • SryForShutDownTooMuch
  • 75KFAV
  • PureLove
  • CorruptedNight
  • HappyHalloween!
  • SorryForShutdown!
  • HollowPurple
  • 100KFav
  • QuincyInvation
  • GrandReaper
  • Arrancar
  • PowerReaper
  • RipAwtd
  • HappyNewYears
  • 25KLikes
  • HappyChristmas
  • UnitFollowingIsBack
  • PF2BUpdate
  • EarlyChristmas
  • ProTurtle
  • Fate
  • FateUpdateDelay
  • OitnaiWorkHard
  • 10MVisits
  • 20KLikes
  • Noclypso
  • End
  • XboxSupport
  • FreeGold
  • SorryForBug
  • New_6Mvisit
  • New_Yosha!
  • New_SorryWeCantRestoreYourUnitUpgradeTUT
  • New_SorryForSummonAndStoryBugged
  • 10KLIKES
  • AWTDRelease
  • SryForALotOfShutdown
  • AWTD
  • GameRelease
  • 1Mvisit
  • SryF0rShutD0wn

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How to Redeem Codes in Anime World Tower Defense

To redeem Anime World Tower Defense codes, follow these instructions:

How to redeem codes in Anime World Tower Defense
Screenshot by GameSkinny
  1. Launch Anime World Tower Defense in Roblox.
  2. Click on Settings.
  3. Enter the code into the Put The Code Here text box.
  4. Press Enter to get your reward.

How Can You Get More Anime World Tower Defense Codes?

You can get Anime World Tower Defense codes by joining the Anime World Tower Defense Facebook group, subscribing to the game’s YouTube channel (@AnimeWorldTowerDefenseOfficial), and joining the official Anime World Tower Defense Discord server. However, keep in mind that reading through all those messages and posts can be a tiresome task.

The most efficient way to get access to all the codes is by bookmarking this article. We add new codes as soon as developers announce them, so make sure you come back every once in a while to check for updates.

Why Are My Anime World Tower Defense Codes Not Working?

Anime World Tower Defense codes don’t stay active forever, so if you’re having difficulties claiming the freebies, the code in question might have expired. Make sure you redeem the codes before that happens so you don’t miss out on any rewards. In case you find an expired code in this article, notify us so we can update our lists.

To be sure the code you’re trying to use has really expired, you should check your spelling first. If you make a spelling error, the game won’t accept the code, so the best solution is to copy-paste the codes from our list into the game.

Other Ways to Get Free Rewards in Anime World Tower Defense

Besides redeeming Anime World Tower Defense codes, you can also earn a bunch of Puzzles, Miracle Shards, Reroll Tokens, and other freebies by completing daily, weekly, extra, and event quests.

Another option is to join the Discord server linked above to stay in the loop with all the events and giveaways where you can participate and get a chance to win more goodies.

What Is Anime World Tower Defense?

Anime World Tower Defense is a Roblox experience that allows you to assemble a team of your favorite anime heroes to keep your base safe from powerful enemies that attack in waves. Use your strategic skills to place units in the best positions and ensure your base is indestructible. Defeat enemies to earn resources and make your units even stronger!

By exploring the Roblox Codes section here on GameSkinny, you’ll get access to the latest codes for many anime-inspired and other Roblox titles.

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