Evade Codes (March 2024)

Escape from memes with the help of Evade codes!

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Updated March 1, 2024

We tried to discover new codes!

Evade is a chase game with the hilarious twist of making enemies into memes. Luigi chased my character before I got captured by Nyan Cat, but I teamed up with other players to plan an escape strategy, baiting enemies while others finished tasks.

You can redeem Evade codes to play the game with more style! Collect free cosmetic items and make your character glamorous while trying to escape. If you want to be chased by ghosts, check out our Roblox Blair Codes article to redeem more codes and unlock a ton of other unique rewards!

All Evade Codes List

Active Evade Codes

  • There are currently no active Evade codes.

Expired Evade Codes

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How to Redeem Codes in Evade

To get your hands on useful goodies, follow the steps below to learn how to redeem Evade codes:

How to redeem codes in Evade.
Screenshot by GameSkinny
  1. Launch Evade in Roblox.
  2. Click on the Twitter bird icon in the bottom-left corner.
  3. Type the code into the text box.
  4. Press Enter and get your prize!

How Can You Get More Evade Codes?

Avoid missing out on upcoming Evade codes by following the developer’s social media platforms. Click the links and follow the official X account (@HexagonDCRoblox) or join the Evade Discord server and the Hexagon Development Community Roblox group. We also constantly hunt for codes for you, so bookmark and open this page every so often to check for updates. 

Why Are My Evade Codes Not Working?

Double-check your spelling to confirm the Evade code you want to use is typed exactly like the one on our list. Avoid making typos, which will render a code invalid, by copying/pasting them directly from this article.

If the error message persists, you unfortunately ran into an outdated code. Nothing lasts forever, and that applies to codes as well. If you find a code that we need to put into our expired list, let us know, and we will quickly look into it.

How to Get Other Free Rewards in Evade

If you’ve redeemed all Evade codes, check out the daily store to browse more fun items. However, you’ll need to earn points by doing daily missions to buy them. Keep an eye on the developer’s social media accounts, as they might announce special events and giveaways to reward players for their consistent support. 

What Is Evade?

Evade, as the name implies, is a game where you run at high speed and hide from various memes trying to kill you. There are different maps to explore and modes to try out. Check out the casual mode if you want to take a break and try something easier. Would you like to chill instead? There’s the social or voice chat mode where you can talk to other players. Want to challenge yourself? Try the Pro mode! Whichever mode you do choose, don’t forget to redeem the codes!

Make sure to check out the rest of our Roblox Codes section to redeem more codes and get many delightful freebies!

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