Eat Blobs Simulator Codes (October 2023)

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Roblox Eat Blobs Simulator
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There’s a simulator for everything on Roblox! If you can imagine it, it’s probably out there. Therefore, have you ever dreamed about being a little blob of color cruising through an endless arena? While it may sound relaxing enough, it’s actually not. This game gave me a real adrenaline rush since other blobs around you share the same common goal—swallow the weaker blobs until you’re big enough to rule the leaderboard.

I’m competitive in everything I do, including the Blob Arena bloodbaths. The game immediately pitting me against stronger players frustrated me to no end. Then I learned about Eat Blobs Simulator codes, which allowed me to rack up tons of size bonuses, which made my experience much more exciting. Need more silly Roblox fun? Check out Bathtub Tower Defense Codes and claim a bunch of awesome free rewards.

Eat Blobs Simulator Codes List

Eat Blobs Simulator Codes (Working)

  • 50KLIKES: 25k size
  • HALFWAYTHERE: 25k size
  • WOAHHHH: 25k size
  • YAYMORECODES: 25k size
  • QWERTYUIOP: 45k size
  • 45KLIKES: 45k size
  • 40KLIKES: 40k size
  • HUGECODES: 45k size
  • 30KLIKES: 30k size
  • 12345: 5k size
  • BRUHMOMENT: 5k size
  • 24KLIKES: 20k size
  • EASYSIZE: 5k size
  • BIGCODE: 10k size
  • BEHAPPY: 5k size
  • AUGUST: 5k size
  • 20KLIKES: 5k size
  • 18KLIKES: 5k size
  • 19KLIKES: 19k size
  • ROBLOXDOWN: 5k size
  • LIKES17K: 20k size
  • UPD6: 5k size
  • SAVING: 5k size
  • LIKES16K: 5k size
  • PURPLESHAKE: 10k size
  • TOOMANYCODES: 10k size
  • URTHEBEST: 10k size
  • 14KLIKES: 10k size
  • JULY4: 10k size
  • FIREWORK: 10k size
  • SUMMERBREAK: 5k size
  • ONETHREE: 5k size
  • 12KWOW: 20k size
  • UPD5: 5k size
  • 2XDAILY: 5k size
  • MEMORIALDAY: 5k size
  • 10KLIKES: 5k size
  • 9KLIKES: 10k size
  • SUMMERSOON: 5k size
  • 9KSIZE: 5k size
  • 8THOUSAND: 5k size
  • ALMOSTSUMMER: 5k size
  • H8SCHOOL: 5k size
  • UPD4: 5k size
  • 7THOUSAND: 5k size
  • MOMDAY: 5k size

Eat Blobs Simulator Codes (Expired)

  • THANKYOU4: 10k size
  • 50PERCENT: 10k size
  • FIRSTCODE: 10k size

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How to redeem codes in Eat Blobs Simulator

You don’t need a lot of time to redeem Eat Blobs Simulator codes. You can even do it in the middle of a round. If you’re just starting the game, follow the instructions below:

How to redeem codes in Eat Blobs Simulator
Screenshot by GameSkinny
  1. Launch Eat Blobs Simulator.
  2. Click the Codes icon on the left side of the screen.
  3. Enter your code into the Code Goes Here text box.
  4. Click the Redeem button and claim your reward. 

How can you get more Eat Blobs Simulator codes?

If you want to chase the new codes yourself, the developers’ official Splash! Discord server and X account (@SplashyStudio) are good places to start. Just keep in mind that you’ll have to sift through a sea of unrelated announcements and information. If you want to grab the latest codes as fast as possible, bookmark this article and open it occasionally to check what’s new. We scour social media instead of you and list them all in one place so you can copy and paste them easily.

Why are my Eat Blobs Simulator codes not working?

The most common issue players encounter while redeeming codes is incorrect spelling. If you’re typing them in manually, making a little mistake is easy. Remember to double-check your spelling and capitalization, or even better, copy and paste codes you want to avoid potential errors.

If that didn’t solve your troubles, the code may have expired. Even our Working list may have an invalid code or two if the developers don’t specify expiration dates. In case you run into one that no longer works, please let us know in the comments.

Other ways to get free rewards in Eat Blobs Simulator

Log in daily to claim a size bonus from the start. The game is at its most challenging at the beginning when you’re still just a tiny Blob in a big, cruel world, so having that boost from the get-go makes all the difference. Click on the Gifts icon to access a menu dedicated to prizes. New ones unlock every few minutes, so remember to check back occasionally to unlock more Skulls and Spins. Free spins are also available once per few hours, so take advantage of all the extra help you can get.   

What is Eat Blobs Simulator?

Eat Blobs Simulator is a Roblox PvP game with a twist. The goal of the game is pretty straightforward. You’re playing as a tiny Blob whose goal is to grow by swallowing smaller Blobs until you’re the biggest and strongest player in the Arena. The larger you are, the slower you’ll get, so strategize and use your bonuses wisely!

For other Roblox freebies, check out our dedicated Roblox Codes section and claim more free rewards in your favorite games!

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