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Isekai Slow Life Codes

Redeem the latest Isekai: Slow Life codes and get your freebies!

If you’re looking for a feel-good city-building and farming simulator that’s inspired by anime aesthetics to play on the go, you’ll love Isekai: Slow Life. The fun and whimsical twist is that you start the game as an adorable mushroom!

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Isekai: Slow Life codes grant cards, elixirs, jewelry, Fairy Bottles, Focus Candy, and many other items that your character needs to manage the town successfully. If you enjoy RPGs with anime aesthetics, check out our Genshin Impact codes article and claim free goodies in a few clicks.

All Isekai: Slow Life Codes List

Isekai: Slow Life Codes (Working)

  • octcandy: x2 Diamond Rings, x2 Basic Earnings Cards, and x20 Focus Candies (New)
  • goldensep: x2 Diamond Rings, x2 Fairy Bottles, x2 Basic Earnings Cards, and x2 Focus Candies (New)
  • mushrum: x10 Fairy Bottles (New)
  • aughappy: x2 Fairy Bottles, 2x Basic Hire Cards, x2 Focus Candies, and x2 Gold Rings
  • MYLIFE: x200 Crystals, x2 Basic Elixirs, x1 Bravery Crystal Ores, x1 Wisdom Crystal Ores, x1 Hope Crystal Ores, x10 Basic Hire Cards, and x10 Basic Earnings Cards
  • julyluck: x1 Stamina Potion, x2 Focus Candies, x2 Fairy Bottles, and x5 Basic Earning Cards
  • slowlifeobt: x100 Crystals, x5 Basic Hire Cards, x2 Diamond Rings, x2 Jewel Necklaces, x2 Fairy Bottles, x2 Focus Candies, and x5 Basic Earnings Cards

Isekai: Slow Life Codes (Expired)

  • There are currently no expired codes.

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How to redeem codes in Isekai: Slow Life

To redeem codes in Isekai: Slow Life (available on Google Play and App Store), follow the steps below:

How to redeem codes in Isekai Slow Life
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  1. Start Isekai: Slow Life on your device.
  2. Tap on the Profile image in the upper left corner of the screen.
  3. Go to Settings.
  4. Type in the code in the text box that says Enter a gift code.
  5. Press Redeem to claim your goodies.

How can you get more Isekai: Slow Life codes?

Since we’re searching for new codes daily, this article is the best source for the newest Isekai: Slow Life codes, so make sure you bookmark it and come back to check whether we’ve added something new.

If, on the other hand, you’d like to look for new codes on your own, you can do so by visiting the game’s Facebook page or joining the Isekai: Slow Life Discord.

Why are my Isekai: Slow Life codes not working?

Isekai: Slow Life codes might expire after a while. Developers usually don’t specify the longevity of each code, so it’s difficult to assume for how long certain codes will be valid. That’s why you should claim them as soon as possible. If you suspect some codes from our list have expired, let us know, and we will check and move them to the Expired list.

Before you do that, though, make sure you haven’t made any spelling mistakes. We suggest you avoid entering the codes manually but rather copy them from our article and paste them directly into the Enter a gift code text box in the game.

Other ways to get free rewards in Isekai: Slow Life

Redeeming Isekai: Slow Life codes is not the only way to claim freebies. The game developers are very active on their Facebook page (linked above), where they often organize various events and giveaways where players can win prizes. Even if you don’t want to participate, you will receive rewards during certain events simply for logging into the game regularly (for as long as the event in question lasts).

What is Isekai: Slow Life?

What makes Isekai: Slow Life different from other city-building simulators is the engaging storyline and a plethora of unique characters (Fellows and Family) that help manage the village. This free-to-play mobile game allows players to build a town from the ground up and manage it so it grows and develops as quickly as possible. Make sure to use Isekai: Slow Life codes to get a bunch of goodies and speed up your progress.

If you’d like to obtain freebies in other mobile games, go to our Codes section here on GameSkinny and get the latest codes for other popular titles.

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