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Kaizen Codes (June 2024)

Claim your freebies right away with the latest Kaizen codes!

Updated: June 21, 2024

We checked for additional codes!

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No matter whether you are familiar with the Jujutsu Kaisen franchise or not, Kaizen is an engaging Roblox experience offering an immersive world. Starting as a rookie at the competitive Jujutsu High School can feel like a curse, with all the NPCs and other players eager to show you your place.

Don’t stress yet—Kaizen codes are here to help. You can use them to acquire EXP Boosts, Clan Spins, and occasional Stat Resets if you want a clean slate to test a new build. You don’t have to be born into a prestigious family to be a master Sorcerer! In the meantime, check out our Jujutsu Chronicles Codes and learn how to claim more freebies!

All Kaizen Codes List

Kaizen Codes (Working)

  • INVERTED_SPEAR_UPDT: x8 Clan Spins
  • DOUBLE_MODULE: Module Drop Chance 30 mins
  • SPEAR_DELAY_CODE: x9 Clan Spins
  • CHECK_GAME_SHOP: x8 Spins
  • FOURSPINS: x4 Clan Spins
  • SUB_TO_GRIFON_GAMES_2: Clan Spins and Module
  • BLACKFLASH_DELAY_WHOOPS: Clan Spins and Module
  • CHRISTMAS2023: x10 Clan Spins
  • BUG_FIX: x25 Clan Spins and 2x EXP for 3 hours
  • THANKS_FOR_14_MIL: x5 Clan Spins (Only on servers that are version 0.2.3 or later)
  • TOJI_SOON: x3 Clan Spins

Kaizen Codes (Expired)

  • 20KPLAYERS!: x12 Clan Spins
  • 6KPLAYERS!: x5 Clan Spins
  • SUB_TO_GRIFON_GAMES: x7 Clan Spins
  • 20KLIKES!: x12 Clan Spins
  • PVP_SOON!: x7 Clan Spins
  • MORE_UPDATES_SOON: x1 Stat Points Reset
  • 5_FREE_SPINS: x5 Clan Spins
  • 4K_LIKES!: x7 Clan Spins
  • MORE_FREE_SPINS: x5 Clan Spins
  • ALPHA!: 2x Exp for 15 minutes

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How to Redeem Codes in Kaizen

Redeeming codes in Kaizen is easy when you know where to look. Follow the steps below:

How to redeem codes in Kaizen
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  1. Launch Kaizen in Roblox.
  2. Press the cogwheel icon on the left side of the screen to open the Settings menu.
  3. Insert your working code into the Enter Code Here text box next to the YouTube icon.
  4. Click Redeem to claim your freebies.

How Can You Get More Kaizen Codes?

Most Roblox developers release new codes onto their official social accounts, but Kaizen currently doesn’t have a solid social media presence. The most reliable way to get the latest Kaizen codes fast is by bookmarking this article. We will keep an eye on all upcoming codes and add them to the list as soon as they drop.

Why Are My Kaizen Codes Not Working?

The most common issue players encounter when redeeming codes in Kaizen is typos. If you get the Invalid message, you should double-check your spelling. The Expired message, on the other hand, means that the code is no longer active. When developers release codes, they don’t always specify precise expiration dates. If you notice one that is no longer working, leave us a comment so we can update our lists accordingly.

Other Ways to Get Free Rewards in Kaizen

Aside from Kaizen codes, there aren’t many ways to claim more freebies. Complete the Story mode and the Side quests for Anata to level up quickly and gain EXP by defeating Bandits. The easiest way to earn Yen fast is by completing Old Man Hitoshi’s and Tiramisu’s quest by carrying the log back and forth between the two.

What Is Kaizen?

Kaizen is a Roblox action RPG set in the world of the popular anime Jujutsu Kaisen. You aim to become the best Sorcerer in Kaizen by solving quests, learning new fighting techniques, and obtaining powerful curses. Team up with friends or play solo and face numerous challenging opponents. 

To get a head start in other Roblox experiences, visit our Roblox Codes section and claim more freebies!

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