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Best Elden Ring Fanfic for Dark Romance Lovers

Fanfiction has become a part of gaming culture. Dark fantasy is a fairly new part of that culture. Elden Ring brings fans together in both the game and in fanfiction recommendation lists.

Dark fantasy is taking the world by storm in all forms of entertainment. This genre of fantasy blends fantasy elements with horror elements. It can also deal with supernatural elements. All of these are part of the Elden Ring. The game was billed as a dark fantasy RPG when it was released. For dark fantasy fans, Elden Ring has given them a game that appeals to them on visual, story, and gameplay levels. The game has also spawned several amazing fanfiction authors and concepts. Here are some of the best Elden Ring fanfic ideal for dark romance lovers. 

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Best Elden Ring Fanfic

Earth’s Tarnished by Corroded Vortex

Of the Elden Ring fanfiction, Earth’s Tarnished brings a gamer element you rarely find in more serious fanfiction recommendations. The author, Corroded Vortex, takes a mortal gamer placed in the gaming world of Elden Ring. It may sound like a throwaway idea, but in this fanfiction, it works well. The main character, created by the author, is fleshed out and offers a different spin on the universe he finds himself in. It is an ideal step into the world of Elden Ring fanfiction without going too serious or parody-like. 

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The Outer Lord by BrutalAftershock

“From worlds lost to fog and times faded into forgotten myth, a cursed Lord emerges in the Lands Between. He is a man of many names and many deeds, things now only he remembers. Alone, he wars with the cycle and hunts the vile cosmic gods that shackle all life. To become Elden Lord is only the first step.”

The Outer Lord stays with the themes and tropes that made Elden Ring popular with fans. BrutalAftershock takes the idea of a fresh character with unique experiences and places them in the Elden Ring universe. Unlike Corroded Cortex, BrutalAfterschok chooses to keep all characters within the universe rather than doing crossover elements from either beyond the gaming screen or from other games. If you want to add another element to the Elden Ring universe, this may be the ideal read for you. 

Just a Merchant in the Lands Between by Dahmiel

The fanfiction author, Dahmiel, chooses to go with a different viewpoint of the Elden Ring universe by looking through the eyes of a merchant. Just a Merchant in the Lands Between tells the story of a traveling merchant who sees all, hears all, and takes in all around them. He travels from the Lake of Rot to Farum Azula. During his travels, he takes notes and creates a story for the readers to enjoy. If you want a different look from a third party, then Just a Merchant is ideal. Though many things are the same as you will find in the game, the merchant will give you a few nuances that are slightly changed with perception. 

Stars at the End of Golden Days By: Slalem

Stars at the End of Golden Days by Slalem takes place “in a time before the Age of Stars.” It is the story of a witch, a Tarnished, and the people surrounding that witch. Slalem takes the story in the direction of Tarnished lore, giving the reader a solid background into the Elden Ring universe and the lore itself. For a reader who wants that background to the game and a different viewpoint of a Tarnished, this story will deliver. 

Against the Frenzied Flame By: MattheJ1

Against the Frenzied Flame is an Elden Ring fanfiction that starts after the burning of the Erdtree. The fanfiction follows the few survivors of the destruction of their lives and quests through the Elden Ring universe. For those who are into adventure over romance, then this fanfiction is ideal. The story gives an adventurer perspective during a time of upheaval in the universe while fleshing out characters to create 3D viewpoints for the reader. 

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