Solas in Dragon Age: Inquisition Trespasser DLC
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Dragon Age: Inquisition Proves Solas is Gaslighting the Inquisitor

Solas is known for being one of the more introverted characters in Dragon Age: Inquisition. However, many believe that covers a more manipulative plot to use the Inquisitor for his own gain. Could he have been gaslighting the Inquisitor?

Solas is a polarizing character in Dragon Age: Inquisition. His emotions run hot and cold throughout the game. Even with a guide, there seems to be no way to romance Solas properly. One of the more interesting issues with Solas is how easily his dialogue can be seen as gaslighting. Is he gaslighting the Inquisitor? Let’s look at some examples, and you can decide for yourself.

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Remember, in order to trigger this dialogue, you must be in a romance with Solas. This means your Inquisitor should be a female elven mage.

Solas Uses Doubt and Confusion in the Fade

One of the most obvious examples of Solas’ gaslighting is during “Here Lies the Abyss.” Remember, Solas is an expert on the Fade and guides the Inquisitor through the realm. While doing this, you can pick up on very subtle manipulation tactics. 

One major example is when he questions the Inquisitor’s perception of their surroundings and choices, planting seeds of doubt about what is real and illusionary in the Fade. How is this gaslighting? Well, by making the Inquisitor second-guess themselves, it undermines the Inquisitor’s confidence and autonomy. It also puts the Inquisitor in a space of needing to rely on Solas’ interpretation of events alone.

Solas Undermines the Inquisitor’s Authority

There are several scenes throughout Dragon Age: Inquisition that show Solas undermining the Inquisitor’s decisions and leadership. He tends to subtly imply that their choices may not align with his own beliefs. Many of these scenes happen at Skyhold following major choices the Inquisitor makes. Solas will stand defiant, cross his arms, and even raise his voice to the Inquisitor. The whole time he does this, he questions everything the Inquisitor did and even turns positive things into negative ones, making it seem as though his way is the only way, but the Inquisitor is too ignorant to see it. 

Merrill and her vallaslin in DA2
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Solas Uses Culture and Knowledge Against the Inquisitor

One of the famous scenes in Inquisition is between Solas and the romanced Inquisitor. Since the Inquisitor has the vallaslin on her face, Solas will talk to her about IT. She tells him it’s a mark of passage and honor to her Dalish people. This means a great deal to the Inquisitor because it aligns with her and marks her as Dalish. It is part of who and what she is. It is part of her past and her culture and defines a great deal about her. 

Solas explains that the vallaslin is not a badge of honor or honor of the old gods. Read the dialogue, and you’ll see how he uses his knowledge to change nearly everything the Inquisitor knows about herself, encouraging her to lean on him for his knowledge and strength. 

“SOLAS: … Your face. The vallaslin. In my journeys in the Fade, I have seen things. I have discovered what those marks mean.

INQUISITOR: They honor the elven gods.

SOLAS: No. They are slave markings, or at least, they were in the time of ancient Arlathan.

INQUISITOR: My clan’s Keeper said they honored the gods. These are their symbols.

SOLAS: Yes. That’s right. A noble would mark his slaves to honor the god he worshiped. After Arlathan fell, the Dalish forgot.”

Solas’ gaslighting of the Inquisitor in Dragon Age: Inquisition could be used as a playbook for how to emotionally manipulate your lover. He uses every aspect of gaslighting and waves every red flag. Even so, the gaslighting and subtle dialogue changes add intrigue to Solas’ character. It also gives you more to analyze and look into ahead of Dragon Age: The Veilguard

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