Rebel against phone contracts and expensive carrier fees! We give you reasons to buy an unlocked phone and some sick discounts to go with it.

Deal of the Day: An Unlocked Phone May Be Just the Thing You Need

Rebel against phone contracts and expensive carrier fees! We give you reasons to buy an unlocked phone and some sick discounts to go with it.
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If you’re tired of being saddled with expensive phone contracts and being left in limbo waiting for your carrier to grant you an upgrade, an unlocked cellphone may be a great option for you. In addition to savings and freedom, it’s also easy to transfer data between future phones and your computer. Read on for reasons why an unlocked phone may be the way to go and for some wicked deals that will save you money when you buy one. 

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For example, you can get this beauty for 50% off list price.

5 Reasons You Should Buy an Unlocked Phone 

1. Say bye bye to network provider contracts. Take your power back as a consumer and choose a phone plan and a phone carrier that works for you. You also get a wider selection of cellphones to choose from as most carriers have a specific brand they tend to stick with. 

2. Coverage that travels with you. If you travel a lot, an unlocked phone can be your best friend. Not only do you have complete coverage anywhere in the world (so long as you have a local SIM card), there are none of those pesky roaming charges you get with network carriers.

3.  Get rid of all the crap that comes pre-installed. A lot of carriers and phone manufacturers pre-load your phone with apps and software (some useful, some not) that you can’t delete. All that junk takes up valuable space and slows down your device. With an unlocked phone, you get a crisp, clean slate. 

4. Customization options galore. In addition to not having to deal with pre-installed software, you also lose the constrictions that come with it. Unlocked phones give you the power to download and use third-party applications that wouldn’t work on locked phones. 

5. Save some serious cash. In addition to choosing your own network and plan, you also get rid of the hidden contract fees that come with locked phones. Though an unlocked phone may cost more upfront, in the long-run it saves you a bunch of money. Lucky for you, we rounded up some awesome deals on unlocked cellphones. Read on!

5 Serious Discounts on Unlocked Phones 

Save $60 when you purchase this Android phone. In addition to a top-notch smartphone camera, you can also customize the look of your phone without covering it up in a case with StyleSwap. 

Asus is known for their laptops, but they make awesome phones, too. This phone is 4G/LTE ready with dual SIM slots (meaning you can receive calls from two different numbers at once). It’s also the world’s first smartphone to boast 4GB of RAM for the ultimate multitasking experience. 

Originally $649, save some money when you purchase this phone at the current discount. Dual rear cameras allow you to take a standard and wide-angle photo at the same time to make your photos pop. The phone screen also adjusts to intense sunlight, so the vivid color and brightness you expect from your phone isn’t lost. 

Another popular unlocked phone from Asus, this is the world’s thinnest smartphone with optical zoom. In addition to image stabilization, laser auto-focus, and a host of other features, this phone is perfect for any photo enthusiast. 

This unlocked smartphone made by Sony features a 23 megapixel main camera and a 13 megapixel front-facing camera to take some awesome photos. The processor allows for seamless PS4 Remote Play gaming from any room and a battery strong enough to keep you going. 

Bonus Item!

This nifty USB drive for Android phones (like the ones listed above) allows you to easily store and transfer content between your Android devices and your PC. You can even stream content! Get it now for 28% off regular price. 

Well, there you have it. Now go forth and free yourself from the tyranny of contracted phones! 

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