Must have figurines for any Undertale fan.

Our Favorite Undertale Statues and Figurines

Must have figurines for any Undertale fan.
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When Undertale debuted, it rocked the indie gaming scene and sparked an insanely loyal fan community. If you’re a die-hard fan or are looking for some collector’s item to give to a loved one, here is a list of Undertale figurines and statues. 

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These Amigurumi dolls are handmade and absolutely lovely. You can purchase them individually or save money and order a set of four. With the ability to choose the characters you want, this is a perfect gift for any Undertale fan. 

If you gotta catch em all, look no further. Here are statues of the major characters of Undertale. Flowey’s figure has a scary face on the back, and his signature catch phrase is engraved on the stand. 

Keep the nicer side of Flowey on your windowsill with this cheerful miniature figurine. Isn’t he just adorable? 

If you want to revisit that big dose of WTF at the end of the game, pick up this statue. 

Created in the tradition of other POP items, this Mettaton figurine is a must have item for any fan of the game. 

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