Things we love: Back to School Minecraft Lunch Boxes

Don't have a Minecraft lunch box yet? Well, here's your chance.

Don't have a Minecraft lunch box yet? Well, here's your chance.

As you’re doing your back to school shopping, make sure to snag your Minecraft lunch bag! Here are some of my favorite Minecraft-inspired lunch essentials.

Minecraft Lunch Bag

This creeper is full of snacks instead of TNT! It will only explode with flavor. What a relief.

Steve Pickaxe Lunch Box

Ready to craft? Steve is. He’s got his diamond pickaxe and is ready to roll.

Super Cool Minecraft Lunch Box

It is indeed super cool. Riding a horse while fully decked out in diamond gear is the epitome of Minecraft cool.

Set of 5 Minecraft Inspired Snack Bags

Don’t let your snacks suffer in plastic. Minecraft it up! These cotton and nylon snack bags will compartmentalize and carry your snacks wherever you go, and don’t take up many inventory slots. The bags come with or without snaps.

Minecraft Paper Lunch Bags

These Minecraft paper bags are great either for packing inside a lunchbox or for carrying non-perishables. You can even use them for party favor bags.

Minecraft-Inspired Cloth Lunch Napkins

These cotton and flannel napkins bring a little class to your Minecraft lunch (and help reduce waste). Pack of 5 napkins.

Stay tuned for more Minecraft back to school ideas! My next article in this “Back to School” series will feature Minecraft backpacks and pencil cases.


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