Make your own real-life Minecraft world with Pixel Papercraft

Pixel Papercraft offers multiple templates for making 3D paper models of popular Minecraft items and blocks, with also the ability to make your own Minecraft character.

I've always been a huge fan of papercraft, so I was automatically thrilled when I discovered Pixel Papercraft, which allows you to upload and print your Minecraft character's skin along with basic terrain and blocks.

Papercraft: patience and precision

Papercraft is a very patience oriented crafting done through printing templates of different characters or objects. To assemble the objects you have to cut them very precisely and glue them together in certain areas that are usually marked. You can find almost any type of papercraft, ranging from buildings to Pokemon (or your favorite video game characters).

Using Pixel Papercraft

Pixel Papercraft is a unique website that gives you the option of uploading your Minecraft character's skin by file or username, and being able to print it out and save the image. Giving the options to remove folds and labels, you can make your papercraft as professional looking as you want. The folds show exactly on the little cut-out where to fold the paper over, while the labels tell you what section of the Minecraft character you're working on.

Aside from being able to make your custom Minecraft character, they also have pre-uploaded images of characters such as Steve, creatures both neutral and foe like Ender Dragons and horses, items like weapons, and lastly blocks such as cakes and beds. You can truly make an entire Minecraft world in real-life by printing out these templates.

All it takes is a ton of patience and a high attention to detail. 

Have you done any papercraft? I'd love to know and possibly see some work work the GameSkinny community has made.

Published Jul. 21st 2015

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