The One PSN Game You HAVE to Play if You Love RPGs

If you're a fan of rpgs, especially the old ones, you definitely can't miss out on this amazing PS1 title that's out on the PSN.

RPG games have been around for a fairly long time. They've been there even before the PS1 days with one of the most recognizable being Pokemon and Final Fantasy. But ever since the days where you'd flip on your PlayStation or PlayStation 2 are long gone, a few of their famous titles have made their way onto the PSN network where gamers can enjoy their nostalgic RPG games right now. 

I don't really support re-releases and remastered editions of video games because I feel like they're just an excuse for the consoles to fill up their library while players sit around waiting for the next big hit to come out. I'm directly referring to DmC: Definitive Edition by the way. But, every once in a while, I think about my time with the original PS and PS2 and remember how awesome some of their games were, and only wished that Sony would release them onto the PSN. 

I'm Talking About Suikoden 2

Countless number of years had passed (mostly because I wasn't really paying attention) since Suikoden 2 was released. 

One of the greatest and most underrated video games has made it's way into the PSN. 

I never actually realised how great and memorable this game was until I got the news one fine afternoon that this game was finally out in PSN. And for cheap. 

For some who may not know what Suikoden 2 is, in a nutshell, it's one of the most memorable and fantastic stories you'll ever get out of any RPG. The game revolves heavily around friendship, family, betrayal. I'll try to explain without giving too much away in case you're interested: 

You and your best friend join the army in an effort to defeat the enemy. After some unfortunate events, you're separated from your best friend only to realise that he has sided with the enemy while you pick up the broken pieces of your army and work to defeating the bad guys. 

It's way better when you play it instead of me telling it. 

Beneath this simplistic narrative you'll find a much deeper meaning that revolves around themes like friendship and betrayal. The game has multiple endings and chances are you won't get the best ending in your first playthrough, especially if you've never played the game before.

Certain particular steps at important parts of the game can alter entirely how your game will conclude and getting the perfect ending is definitely one of the best feelings you'll get as a gamer. It'll feel good not only because you get to see the end cutscene, but also because of the journey and adventure to get there. 

I stopped playing Suikoden 2 in the last dungeon because of a faulty and corrupt save file (which really messed my day up) but Sony finally came to their sense and released this absolute gem for me and other gamers around the world to finally enjoy again on PSN. I mentioned before that I'm not a fan of re-releases and remastered editions but this is definitely one of the exceptions to the case. 


I've been playing games since I was small but only started to really observe and critique a few years back. Been writing reviews for games (albeit, old games because not everyone can have a crazy fast rig). When I'm not writing about games, I generally do some photography as well, so check that out if you've got some time.

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Published Mar. 19th 2015
  • BCBrantley
    I couldn't agree more, Suikoden II is a nearly perfect example of what a JRPG should be.
  • Farrel Nobel
    An example of what EVERY RPG should be if I might add :)

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