PS4 and Xbox One: Two of the Most Reliable Consoles Ever?

Thus far, it appears as if the two new consoles are actually quite reliable, which is a nice change of pace.

Perhaps nobody has noticed, but the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One seem to be awfully reliable.

At the start of every generation, new hardware is almost always a little buggy. In fact, one of the biggest reasons to wait on purchasing a new gaming console has always been the same: Give the manufacturer some time to work out the kinks. That's just good advice in the realm of electronics.

However, we really haven't seen much in the way of widespread issues concerning the PS4 and Xbox One, and I say that's a big win for gamers. Perhaps we should acknowledge this, because we'd certainly acknowledge any problems. Such things garner a ton of headlines.

It's especially impressive for Sony and Microsoft

For the record, Nintendo consoles really don't break. I mean, they do, of course, but the reliability of most Nintendo machines is excellent. Okay, one could argue they're made of much cheaper materials but then again, those cheap materials appear to have staying power. The Wii and Wii U didn't have as many documented hardware problems as the PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360.

However, the PlayStation and Xbox brands have had their difficulties at the start of any new generation. The PS2 did end up becoming one of the most reliable machines in gaming history, but the launch was plagued with one problem I remember well: Standing the system vertical would almost invariably scratch the disc. I was working at Electronics Boutique when this was happening and it was a very big issue. To their credit, though, Sony fixed it within a matter of months.

The Xbox brand is notorious for crappy hardware. Plain and simple. The original Xbox was bogged down with constant DRE (Disc Read Error) flaws, and the Xbox 360 was just a train wreck out of the gate. Hell, that thing was a train wreck for years.

And yet, these new consoles seem to be sailing along smoothly...

We don't have any official numbers yet, but I'm not sure I've seen more than a small handful of headlines citing a documented hardware issue for either the PS4 or Xbox One. No system update bricking the machine, no "'blank' light of death' running rampant, no hard drive failures, etc. Of course, a bunch of people will invariably pop up and say the systems suck because they've had bad luck. Yes, indeed, nothing is perfect in the world of electronics.

But based on what we're seeing, I think we should be encouraged, don't you? Neither new console has experienced a major PR snafu regarding some sort of reliability problem, and that's a big win for gamers and the industry.

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Published Jun. 26th 2014
  • Ryan_9894
    I've had all Nintendo consoles since the NES. My Sister has the NES, but my SNES and N64 still work. One of my Original SNES controllers start button stopped working which made it impossible to use. now a days the A button is used to start games but back then Select and Start were crucial. I loved the 8' Cords on the Original SNES controllers I bought some Generic ones off ebay and the cords are very short. I bought the Gamecube at Launch and It did Fail on me. I was playing Baten Kaitos when it suddenly gave be disc read error. I called Nintendo and I had to pay $65 for a Refurb gamecube. I had zero interest in the Wii, I would of not bought a Wii until skyward sword was released but then nintendo said they were removing gamecube playback and ports from wii so I went out and bought one because if my refurb gamecube died I had a Wii as Backup. That gamecube is at the cottage don't know if it works. I just went back and played "The Wind Waker" all over again using Wii to play my GCN Disc. The PS3 I bought in 2007 was the 40GB model which had PS2 playback removed. I bought it because the Canadian price went from $650 down to $400 and I was scared once the dollar went back below the USD the price would go back up. in 2010 I bought a PS2 and then went on Ebay to buy copies of Final Fantasy 7, 8, 9, Final Fantasy 10 and 10-2 as well as Dragon Quest VIII. I never finished DQ and I am actually playing it Currently. FF7 was bought Used but FF8 and FF9 were still factory sealed i was shocked being 2010. the PS2 was $129 when I bought that. anyway I realize I have went way off topic I have an issue with getting carried away typing super long comments.
  • Ryan_9894
    I bought xbox 360 at launch got the Xbox 360 with the Hard Drive. It lasted longer before the first hardware failure, then the PS3 I bought in 2007 which stopped reading discs with in 6months. then the next hardware failure for ps3 didn't happen until 2014. My Original Xbox 360 was Replaced 3 times then I finally bought one of the new S consoles. I would of been on my second slim but when I had problems with a DVD copy of Goldeneye 007 that would freeze the console on start up I thought I had hardware issue but the machine I got back replacing that machine did the exact same thing with the same movie so I sent it in for replacement for no reason. so I should be on my 5th 360 but I am on my 6th. My PS3 is always repaired and sent back to me I still have my original serial number. In Canada we get our own console back but I hear in the USA sony just sends out a refurblished one just like MS as soon as they get your system in they send a refurb. I always get my systems either 360 or ps3 back within 3 days. One day to Pick up one day to ship and I get it on the third day. i always have run on sentences never was good in english class
  • Rothalack
    Master O' Bugs
    I honestly haven't heard of a single bug with the Xbox One. Except maybe the Xbox One commercial where he says Xbox On and it turns peoples xbox's on haha. Other than that, I've seen a handful of bugs on the PS4. They were software bugs, so very easily fixed for Sony.
  • topher339
    I had no idea that the original Xbox had DRE issues. I have had mine for over a decade now and never ran into that. Guess I got lucky. Never ran into any issues with my PS2, or my 64, or SNES, or GameCube, or Wii, WiiU, 360, or One. Guess I have just had a run of good luck. I hope it continues.
  • This Article Sucks
    These consoles were so reliable, they let Watch_Dogs show their fake graphics at E3, and said "This is what it will look like on your consoles." So much reliability its insane.
  • Kageneko622
    He's speaking on the reliability of the hardware failing, not a developer whose known for doing switch-a-roos on what a game will look like. Thats not something to blame the consoles for. Cuz remember it looks just as bad in comparison on pc(unless you do the mods)
  • AceBro
    @macro wone

    Maybe you should get your facts straight before you make a biased comment. Typically failbox fanboy. The article this person posted is spot on.
  • marco wone
    The original xbox was solid. The original playstation stopped working and required you to turn it upside to get it to work. The NES froze all the time. The ps2 had many quality issues because it sucked in dust,eventually covering the laser lens,so did the ps3 with the ylod. The 360 launch consoles sucked but build quality improved drastically down the line. Nintendo uses cheap old proven hardware. The more advanced components usually cause issues. Gets your facts straight before you write biased articles.
  • Kageneko622
    Marco, I'm not actually sure what you are referring to here. everything you said is correct but doesn't discount what he said. Though yes especially now nintendo uses older reliable hardware which of course leads to less shortages of the parts, less issues etc, BUT if you go back in the day take a nintendo 64 and a playstation throw both against the wall...theres a good chance your gonna mess something up in that playstation however the 64 will prolly be fine...don't ask why my friends and I know this...lets just say experiments where accidentally performed

    And though the original xbox was an beast, and did things no other console had ever gotten as right as it did(custom soundtracks changed my tony hawk experience sooo much T_T) it still later down the line DID have dis read errors and it was a common thing i saw.

    All this article is saying is that people usually say wait a few months on new consoles cause there are usually issues, and this gen...there really havn't been that many severe issues.

    I can think of the controller issue on ps4 where the thumbstick plastic began to wear and the bumper had isses and I think there was an update bricking issue for another console but other than those it's been fairly smooth sailing as he said. why all the hate?
  • Fathoms_4209
    Featured Columnist
    The original Xbox set the record for the most number of defective returns to game stores...before the Xbox 360 shattered that record all over again.

    The Xbox 360 never improved "drastically" and it only improved marginally after the Slim version came out, a good four years into the generation. Until then, MIcrosoft just forced people to either pay $150 to get their Failbox fixed, or those people just had to shell out $300 for another one.

    If you want to side with the worst game hardware ever created in this industry's history, feel free.
  • born_naughty
    I've noticed this too. I've had a lot of trouble with PS3's and yes the xbox 360 was shit. And it made noise like a vacuum cleaner.
    You can clearly see that the Xbox One is so huge because it's been over engineered by Microsoft. They didn't want to make the same mistake again.
    So I'm not afraid to buy a PS4 or Xbox One anymore.

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