Warframe PS4 Review (The Good, The Bad, The Ugly)

Warframe is a great f2p 3rd person action shootershooter game on the ps4 that should not be missed, especially since you have nothing to lose.

Warframe is 3rd Person Shooter Sci-fi Action game. It's also one of the free-to-play games currently on PSN (PS4) and PC. You are Tenno (or so they are called). You harness the power of these exoskeletons and fight against the Tenno's enemy, the Grineer. Your mission is to destroy the Grineer's stranglehold on the solar system and restore the peace it once had. The game begins with you playing as the main character, a Tenno. Just as you are about to escape the area before Vor finds and kills you. For being one of the leaders of the entire Grineer faction. You complete a quick tutorial to prepare you for your new missions ahead. 

The Good

Warframe is packed with action everywhere. With many weapon choices and some classes, there is a lot of fun to be had around every corner. Your weapons and Warframes can also be customized by adding things like colors, but more importantly mods. This adds some strategy and makes the game more interesting.

The graphics are amazing. The textures are just wonderful. Some are made to act like mirrors, while others reflect light. Take this and add impressive looking landscapes that were created by the developers and boom, you have a game that leaves you speechless almost every single time you enter a new room or area.

There are also clans you can join/make. It's a gathering place where other players can do multiple things together like having a duel or finishing an obstacle course. Lastly, there is a foundry where you can craft things like more Warframes or weapons. It's pretty neat.


The Bad

There are two types of currency. Credits and Platinum. Platinum can only be acquired by spending real currency. But this isn't the bad thing. You can acquire almost everything with credits. What you can't get ranges from different category. The thing that isn't that liked about Warframe is that you have to buy more inventory space. All your weapons and Warframes level up. But if you want a new Warframe and your inventory is full, you'll have to sell one of them, even if they are maxed out. This applies only to Warframes/items only bought with credits however. Some people don't like this decision, but the developers do have to make money somehow. Also, have patience when you are first playing the game. There are many other things that aren't explained at all during the tutorial. Like just the other day, I learned that there were maneuvers like sideflips and backflips. And sure, the mods that I talked about earlier do help, but its only helpful if, you know, you were taught how to use them!


The Ugly

Warframe's story is very basic, bland, and kind of boring for that matter. Its told quickly and vague in the beginning. During the tutorial, you are told that Vor, captain of the Grineer faction, wants you dead. After that, it's just fighting off different factions. First of course is the Grineer, then the Corpus. The Corpus is another faction that seems to cause trouble for all the Tenno out in the universe besides the Grineer.It would have been nice to see a little more effort put into the story. Maybe give the player a little bit of a back story.

Although, at the end of each planet, you are put into a boss battle with something or someone of some kind of importance. Their purpose is briefly explained to you at the beginning of the battle.

The Verdict

Warframe is not a game to be missed on the PS4. Even though the story is bland, the games multiple features and action make up for it rather quick. If you have PS Plus there is a starter pack that comes with some cool stuff. Even some platinum for you to mess around with. Don't spend it all in one place though. If you are ever in the PSN store, give it a quick download.

Our Rating
Warframe is a great f2p 3rd person action shootershooter game on the ps4 that should not be missed, especially since you have nothing to lose.

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Published Aug. 14th 2014

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