Dying Light 2: How to Activate the Garrison Electrical Substation

If you're wondering how to activate the Garrison Electrical Substation in Dying Light 2, this walkthrough guide leads you step by step.

The Garrison Electrical Substation is located in southern Garrison, just south of VNC Tower. Like other Dying Light 2 Facilities of its kind, you'll be tasked with connected cables to various generators/terminals in an effort to resupply power to the territory. There's a small wrinkle to this one, though.

Activating the Garrison Electrical Substation is where you'll be introduced to multi-function generators/terminals. As the name implies, these serve different functions and will have both numbers and letters on them. The numbers correspond to other terminals they must be connected to, while the letters correspond to gates they can be used to open. 

If you're wondering where to find the other Electrical Substations in Dying Light 2, we've got a locations guide here. We also show you how to activate the Downtown facility here.

How to Activate the Garrison Electrical Substation in Dying Light 2

Hook the cable from green Terminal A/B to red Terminal A. Press the button to the right of Gate A to open it. Now unhook the cable from Terminal A, and hook it to Terminal B inside the gate to the right. Press the button to the right of Gate B to open it. 

Go through Gate B, and turn right towards a turbine in the middle of the ground floor. Beyond it, you'll see a yellow pipe long the wall. Climb that pipe up one story, and jump to the room on the left.

You'll see the green Terminal 1/C on the right wall. Open the yellow gate, and carry the cable out of the gate and then down to the first level. Instead of plugging it into the red Terminal 1, jump up the white and green boxes to the right. Climb up the ledge, then up again at the closed grey double doors.

Go through the open grey double doors, and hook the cable to the red Terminal C. Now, turn around, exit the doors, and go to Gate C on the left. Open Gate C, go inside, and turn right. Grab the safe code out of the box on the ground, and use it to open the safe with the Inhibitor. You'll need to know the approximate number of pi, and we have the answer right here.

Once you have the Inhibitor, return to Terminal C, unhook the cable, and jump down to hook it up to Terminal 1 near the turbine on the ground floor. 

Now go back to Gate C and grab the cable from green Terminal 2. Go back out of the gate and drop down to the first floor. Go down the stairs into the Engine Room (to save wire length, jump over the stair railings as you go down). At the bottom, turn right, and you'll see red Terminal 2 on the far wall.

The water will become electrified when you connect this cable (you won't immediately die if you touch it). From the Terminal 2 platform, look right to see an open air duct shaft on the far wall. Platform over to that, and climb up. 

Follow it down about 15 meters, and turn left; you can keep going straight if you want to drop into a room with some tools and other valuables. 

Exit the shaft (or yellow gate from the room with the valuables) onto the other side of the Engine Room. Platform over to the stairwell, and go back up. Use the elevator in the northeast portion of the Substation, diagonal to Terminal 1 on the ground floor. Reach the Control Room, and interact with the switch.

And that's how you activate the Garrison Electrical Substation in Dying Light 2. You can give it to the Peacekeepers or The Survivors, though the PKs will give you a bigger bang for your buck. For more tips and other walkthroughs, head over to our DL2 guides page

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Published Feb. 10th 2022

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