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10 Actors Who Should Play V in the Live-Action Cyberpunk 2077 Adaptation

Who should play V in the Cyberpunk 2077 live-action adaptation should it go forward? Here are 10 actors that fit the role.

Cyberpunk 2077 has a “live-action project” in the early stages of development, as revealed by CD Projekt Red. Already, the rumors are swirling on who may be cast in each role. While details of the story aren’t available yet, and we have zero confirmation any of the game’s characters will be in the adaptation, we can start our own think tank. It’s possible that V will be the hero of the story — or somehow involved. So here are 10 actors who should play V in the live-action Cyberpunk 2077 adaptation.

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10 Actors Who Should Play V in the Live-Action Cyberpunk 2077 Adaptation

Channing Tatum

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V has a certain swagger to him. They’ve also got a decidedly physical nature to their persona. And that makes me think Channing Tatum would be perfect for the role should it appear in the live-action adaptation. Tatum has played the tough but somewhat oblivious badass in the past, and V is very much that, especially when he’s first introduced to Night City. He’s also a great comedic talent, and if Keanu Reeves signs up for Johnny Silverhand, the back-and-forth between those two would be cinematic gold.

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Ruby Rose

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Ruby Rose has a look to her that just screams Cyberpunk. She has experience with action roles playing Batwoman. More importantly, she has an edge and an attitude that would fit perfectly with the vibe that V has throughout the Cyberpunk 2077 story. While her whole vibe fits, she also has the charisma to be a lead. Plus, she’s already worked with Keanu in the John Wick franchise, so the chemistry is there.

Richard Madden

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Richard Madden has had some interesting roles post-Game of Thrones and has shown tremendous acting chops in the process. He possesses an icy cold demeanor but also has the ability to be incredibly charismatic and likable. It’s a rare combo, and it would be a perfect fit for the type of person V is. He certainly has the grit to play a role like this, as showcased not only in GoT but also in Sam Mendes’ WWI film 1917.

Ryan Gosling

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This might seem like a stretch if you just saw him in Barbie, but make no mistake: Ryan Gosling has the perfect mix of cool and calm to pull off V. With an outstanding performance in Blade Runner 2047, he’s already primed for a gritty, sci-fi thriller taking place in the near future. And he killed it in the process. He’s also played a killer in Drive. With that combo and his amazing comedic chops, to boot, Ryan Gosling could nail V perfectly and has plenty of experience in the genre to be comfortable in the world of Night City, as well.

Justin Timberlake

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You may not know this, but Justin Timberlake has some experience in the sci-fi genre. He starred in a movie with Amanda Seyfried called In Time, which was a sci-fi thriller. And a pretty solid one at that. The cover art of Cyberpunk 2077 doesn’t look too different than his role in Alpha Dog, and we’ve seen him do well in action and dramatic roles. It’s been a while since Timberlake has been in a big role, and taking on the role of V would be an awesome way to jump back in.

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Emmy Rossum

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Emmy Rossum has plenty of experience playing a badass of a different sort on Shameless, but she’s also been in action films like Dragonball Evolution, where she donned blue hair and some nice moves. And that look would fit V very well. She’s got the sarcasm and the charisma and is an insanely talented actress who’s underused. She’s no stranger to challenging roles, so taking on the role of V could be a great choice for her.

Charlie Hunnam

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Those familiar with Sons of Anarchy know that Charlie Hunnam has all the acting chops needed to pull off a member of a tough gang of killers and thieves. Not only that, but he also has the look to pull off every part of V: cool, calm, kind, and tough. He’s also got plenty of experience in action films like Pacific Rim and King Arthur: Legend of the Sword. He’s a great choice here, and if he’s hungry for more action roles, V would fit well for him.

Jonathan Groff

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Jonathan Groff isn’t the most well-known actor out there, but one very important factor could work for him in terms of him playing V. He played Smith opposite Keanu Reeves in Matrix: Resurrections and did a damn good job in the process. He’s also shown the ability to be the hero and the villain. He actually has the look that would work well with what V is: clean-cut with a healthy dose of threatening behind the eyes. He’s a little out of the box regarding choices, but I think he could really turn V into something special.

Tom Hardy

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This is the pipe dream, but it would be an amazing match for actor and character. Tom Hardy has played roles of all kinds, from fighters to supervillains and everything in between. Tom’s the perfect mix of gruff, dangerous, and kind-hearted to pull off a character like V. His experience with the sci-fi genre and superhero genre doesn’t hurt one bit. He’s intimidating but easy to root for, and seeing him fight to survive the deadly chip in his brain would be an incredible watch. His verbal sparring with Keanu Reeves would be an awesome moment, as well.

Aaron Paul

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Aaron Paul is the best fit possible for V when I think of everything the character is. Sympathetic, dangerous, stuck in an illegal business, and haunted by his actions. Yes, we saw Aaron play the same kind of character in Breaking Bad, and a similar energy would work here. He’s got some good experience in the sci-fi genre, too, playing one of the leads in the later seasons of Westworld. I’m fairly sure many peoples’ V characters ended up looking like him in some form. With Westworld off the air and still able to do action roles, Aaron Paul is my must-cast when it comes to V.

Those are our choices for the 10 actors who should play V in the live-action Cyberpunk 2077 adaptation. V is a tough character to cast because everyone has a different vision of what he should be. These actors offer enough flexibility to cover all bases, though, so fingers crossed that one of them gets the nod if the project moves forward. If you’re playing the game after the 2.0 update or the Phantomo Liberty expansion, check out our guides section for any help you might need.

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