10 Awesome Mass Effect Cosplays

Here are some amazing Mass Effect series cosplays that should be seen.

Cosplay is known in nerd and game nirvana for dressing as your favorite characters to show off your creativity and love. Some costumes are purchased while others are made by the players themselves. Cosplay is an art and form of worship all its own.

Here are some awesome Mass Effect series inspired cosplays that are definitely worth sharing.

This is the amazing Hannuki from Russia in a photograph entitled "Shooting." She is dressed as Miranda Lawson. To see more of her photos, she can be found at hannuki.deviantart.com.

This is CynShenzi dressed as Commander Shepard from Mass Effect 3. To see more of her amazing cosplay, you can go to cynshenzi.deviantart.com and to her Chenzi - Cosplay Facebook page.

Dressed as Commander Shepard is Francesco Sanseverino, also known as FraGatsu on deviantART.

Dressed as Garrus is Alessandro Stante, and dressed as Liara is Paoletta P. Pasi.

Both Shepard and Garrus costumes were made by Francesco Sanseverino and Alessandro Stante. To see more by FraGatsu, you can visit fragatsu.deviantart.com.

Here we have Tali 'Zorah played by Alouette Cosplay. To see more of her work you can go to alouettecosplay.deviantart.com.

This is Mono Abel dressed as the amazing Miranda Lawson. You can see more of her fantastic cosplay at monoabel.deviantart.com.

Here from Sumyuna in the photograph entitled "We face our enemy together," we have Commander Shepard dressed by Alessandro Stante, Tali 'Zorah dressed by Nebulaluben and Liara T'soni dressed by Sumyuna herself.

To see more of the amazing cosplay visit sumyuna.deviantart.com.

This is Aicosu who is dressed as Jack from Mass Effect 3. She is very well known in the cosplay world for her amazing costumes. You can see her work at aicosu.deviantart.com.

This wonderful Garrus cosplay is by Sarrah Wilkinson, aka Nightlyre. You can see her phenomenal cosplay at nightlyre.deviantart.com.

This great cosplay of Asari is done by love-squad. To see more cosplay by this Russian beauty, please visit her page love-squad.deviantart.com.

This great vision of Liara and Commander Shepard is by ChrixDesign. Commander Shepard is done by Øyvind Krogsrud, and Liara is done by ChrixDesign herself. To see more visit chrixdesign.deviantart.com.

There, you have 10 amazing Mass Effect series cosplays. Check out deviantART.com for some amazing art and more.