10 Best FPS Games of 2023

Craving a good first-person shooter? Here are the 10 best FPS games of 2023.

Player reloading gun in Synpase
Image via nDreams
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The first-person shooter is one of the most engaging and versatile video game subgenres out there. And 2023 saw the release of several quality games in this category. Here are the 10 best FPS games of 2023 (in no particular order).

The Top 10 FPS Games of 2023

Counter-Strike 2

Counter Strike players huddled together
Screenshot by Valve

As a follow-up to one of the most successful, long-lasting, and iconic tactical shooters of all time, Counter-Strike 2 had massive shoes to fill. And despite being almost set up to fail, CS2 delivered the goods and proved a worthy successor to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. And though it’s a bit starved for content at the moment, it’s hard to beat CS2‘s intense tactical gameplay.


Gunplay combat in Sprawl
Image via Rogue Games, Inc

For a second, imagine if Doom, Cyberpunk 2077, and Titanfall somehow contributed their DNA to create a new IP. If that were a possibility, Sprawl is likely what you’d get. And it’s awesome! Following a soldier named Seven who’s lost her memory and is on a quest for revenge and survival, Sprawl delivers due to its balls-to-the-wall mechanics and its breakneck pace. If you own a PC and haven’t checked Sprawl out yet, there’s no time like the present.

Atomic Heart

Atomic Heart enemy running at player
Image via Focus Entertainment

Taking extreme inspiration from the BioShock series, Mundfish’s Atomic Heart is a retrofuturistic title focused on a warped reimagining of the Soviet Union’s collapse. Though there was controversy regarding the studio’s stance on real-world military conflict, Atomic Heart was a hit with players who have praised it for its emotional tone and engaging combat. The title is also available on Xbox Game Pass, which means it’s worth at least a peak to see if the end product was worth the controversy it stirred. According to most players, it was.


VR combat in Synapse
Image via nDreams

First-person shooters are fun. And when done well in VR, they are even more fun. Synapse is a great example of this, combining the traditional first-person shooter with a roguelike to create a very engaging and visceral experience. It also features voice performances from Metal Gear Solid alums David Hayter and Jennifer Hale, meaning I’m predisposed to like it as well. Synapse will wow PSVR2 gamers with its combination of gunplay and telekinesis attacks, even if its bare-bones narrative isn’t the best in gaming. If you own the PSVR2, this is a must-buy in terms of pure gameplay.

Remnant 2

Two characters facing an enemy in Remnant 2
Image via Gearbox Publishing

Remnant: From the Ashes was a perfectly competent first-person shooter that had its heart in the right place, but ultimately proved to be a rather unpolished and forgettable experience. However, its sequel, Remnant 2, most definitely builds upon the good foundation laid down by its predecessor. A cross between a Soulslike and looter shooter, Remnant 2 can be played solo or with a friend and features all the big-boss felling one could ask for, anchored by responsive gunplay and brilliant level design.

RoboCop: Rogue City

Robocop main character
Image via Nacon

While it isn’t the first ever RoboCop game to be made, RoboCop: Rogue City feels like the first one to truly bring the iconic cyborg cop to life in AAA fashion. Is it the greatest first-person shooter released in 2023? No. But RoboCop: Rogue City is a very good FPS with a fun story, stunning visuals, good gameplay that mixes combat with investigation elements, and an admirable devotion to the source material that spawned it. If you’re a fan of the RoboCop movies, then Rogue City isn’t just worth your time but is straight-up essential.


trepang2 library combat
Image via Team17

To the typical gamer, Trepang2 could be considered to be a typical streamlined action fare. But where Trepang2 truly shines is in its gunplay. Though its story is largely forgettable and derivative (a soldier wakes up and can’t remember anything, yadda yadda), Trepang2 just feels so darn good and looks the part as well. The gunplay feels weighty in the best possible way. And it plays like a power fantasy inspired by classic IPs like F.E.A.R. Seriously, if you enjoy just mowing through things in the virtual space, Trepang2 will scratch the itch.

Turbo Overkill

Image via Apogee Entertainment

First-person shooters come in all shapes and sizes. But out of every one of its subgenres, the boomer shooter truly stands out. Turbo Overkill takes this formula, makes it even more ridiculous, and freakin’ delivers! Inspired by titles like Doom, Turbo Overkill features all of the cannon fodder and outlandish weapons one could ask for, delivered in a highly polished package. The aptly named developer Trigger Happy Entertainment truly put hours into making this title, and it shows. Seriously, who even thinks of a chainsaw leg? Brilliant, I tell you.

Quake 2: Enhanced Edition

Image via Bethesda Softworks

While Quake 2: Enhanced Edition is exactly what its title implies — a remaster of the original game — it’s a game that shouldn’t be slept on. Yes, players have already experienced Quake 2 before. However, the Enhanced Edition does a great job of optimizing the iconic title and making it presentable for modern audiences. Even 25 years after its original release, Quake 2 still feels as good a multiplayer FPS out there. And for a very affordable price on Steam, I can’t recommend it enough.

Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora

Image via Ubisoft

A tie-in to the iconic film franchise of the same name, Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora had the potential to be a carbon copy of past Ubisoft games and fall flat. But it didn’t. Instead, it’s arguably one of the best games of the year, in my opinion.

Featuring a game design strikingly similar to the Far Cry series (the good ones, at least), Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora is set eight years before the events of the first film and follows a Na’vi orphan. The open world is visually stunning and features a fun gameplay loop. As such, Pandora transforms from a mere backdrop into a living, breathing environment.

These are the best FPS games of 2023. Whether you’re looking for a fast-paced boomer shooter, smooth tactical gameplay, or an immersive VR experience, these will scratch your itch. Hopefully, 2024 will boast its share of awesome titles. In the meantime, be sure to check out our other Best of 2023 lists right here at GameSkinny.

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