10 Best Games to Play Like Alan Wake 2

Here are ten games to satisfy you once you're done with Alan Wake 2.

Promo Image for Alan Wake 2; featuring Alan holding a flashlight
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Alan Wake 2 has earned a lot of recognition within the horror genre. And for good reason. But as fun as it is to play again and again, there are other titles to enjoy. Below I’ve compiled a list of the 10 best games to play Like Alan Wake 2.

10 Best Games Similar to Alan Wake 2 You Should Play Now

Resident Evil 2 (2019)

Promo Image for Resident Evil 2; showing Leon fighting off a zombie with a knife.
Image via Capcom

Those looking for another modern survival horror experience can find it with the remake of Resident Evil 2. The iconic entry in Capcom’s zombie and monster-filled series was reimagined in 2019 with improved gameplay and a more horror-centric focus (which I’m glad to see the return of in general). There aren’t any psychological or supernatural enemies here, but the host of different B.O.W. enemies is sure to keep you on your toes throughout the night the game occurs.


Promo Image for Signalis; featuring protagonist Elster aiming a gun at two enemies.
Image via Humble Games

I, along with GameSkinny’s EIC and plenty of my colleagues, can’t recommend this gem enough. Taking influence from the initial entries in the Resident Evil and Silent Hill series, Signalis feels like a modern take on classic survival horror. Resource management, clever puzzles, and vicious monsters permeate this cyberpunk story of an android searching for a girl. All of this is amplified with early polygon graphics inspired by the original PlayStation era.

Along with a clear love of literary and film influences, both games share some big themes in their storytelling. It’s a much different kind of survival horror, but it compliments many of the experiences in Alan Wake 2.

Dead Space (2023)

Promo Image for Dead Space; showing Isaac attacked by a necromorph enemy.
Image via Electronic Arts

Another title worth your interest is the 2023 Dead Space remake. Newcomers are sure to have a memorable experience while long-standing fans will enjoy the visual and gameplay improvements. Since it’s based on the first game, its horrors are a lot more physical, but the intensity rarely lets up. If you left Alan Wake 2 wanting something with fewer jump scares and a more consistently dreadful atmosphere, this is a great choice.

The Suffering

Promo Image for The Suffering; featuring the protagonist Torque shooting a large monster.
Image via Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

Next up is The Suffering, a 2004 third-person shooter that’s been accurately described as an action horror title. Although there are plenty of weapons to fight with and even a limited-use transformation meter, it’s still possible to be overwhelmed by hordes of horrific monsters. Psychological enemies, a flashlight that requires you to scavenge batteries, and the occasional jump scare are just some of the similarities you’ll find with Alan Wake 2.

I admit this one isn’t easy to get a hold of, but you’re thankfully not entirely out of luck if you want to play this game. While it’s almost two decades old at this point, both it and the sequel can be purchased and played on PC through GOG.

Quantum Break

Promo Image for Quantum Break; showing protagonist Jack using his time manipulation powers on an enemy.
Image via Xbox Game Studios

Quantum Break is the furthest you can get from horror on this list, but it’s a Remedy Entertainment game some will want to experience. This sci-fi adventure follows protagonist Jack Joyce and his newfound time-manipulation powers. Player choices during certain moments can also affect how the story develops.

Although it’s not a part of the Remedy Connected Universe, likely due to the IP being owned by Microsoft, there are a few parallels and a ton of references in the developer’s latter games, including Alan Wake 2. Considering it comes paired with a few episodes of a live-action television show, at the very least you can enjoy this if you were a fan of the cinematic moments of Alan and Saga’s adventures.

Martha is Dead

Promo Image for Martha is Dead; showing a dead body.
Image via Wired Productions

Those of us who want another psychological horror type of game will want to play Martha is Dead. Set in a rural Tuscany countryside villa (and an expansive forest) in 1944, the story revolves around a girl named Giulia who finds the dead body of her twin Martha. Beset between the political ramifications of their father who is a general in the German military, psychological trauma, and supernatural-esque elements of local legends, Giulia has to navigate it all to find out the truth of her sister’s fate.

It’s worth mentioning that this indie horror might be the most gruesome game on my list. I’m not too squeamish, but playing this certainly evoked a lot of uncomfortable reactions. I can guarantee it’s the kind of experience that will stick with you for a while, though.

Silent Hill 2

Promo Image for Silent Hill 2; showing James next to bloody writing on a wall.
Image via Konami

I mean, you saw this coming, right? Keeping on track with psychological horrors, I’d be remiss to not include what many consider to be the shining example of the sub-genre — Silent Hill 2. The story of James Sunderland’s venture into the eponymous foggy town is still considered a masterpiece twenty years later.

Unfortunately, playing it is its own challenge. There aren’t any legally accessible ways to experience this aside from the original releases and an HD Collection that was released on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 to mixed reception. Those with modern Xbox consoles can play the collection with backwards compatibility at the very least. Otherwise, your next best bet might be to keep tabs on the announced remake being developed by Bloober Team.

Deadly Premonition

Promo Image for Deadly Premonition; showing York aiming a gun at a monster.
Image via Rising Star Games

Although there are some creepy moments and a majority of the enemies are corpse-like shadow creatures, Deadly Premonition is one of the least scary games on this list. It easily deserves a spot here, though, thanks to the shared influence of the Twin Peaks television show. If you particularly enjoyed the strange, whacky, and occasionally humorous moments in Alan Wake 2, you’ll want to play this. Though it’s almost 14 years old, you can still pick it up on major platforms.

Alan Wake Remastered

Promo Image for Alan Wake Remastered; featuring Alan aiming a flashlight towards enemies.
Image via Epic Games Publishing

It’s only natural that when talking about Alan Wake 2, I have to recommend the first Alan Wake game. Although it’s a lot less horror and more of an action title, you’ll notice many similarities when it comes to the atmosphere and influences.

Consider playing with improved visuals in the Remastered version if you’re a new player to the franchise. It’s readily available on most modern platforms. The original version is also a fine way to experience the beginning of this writer’s journey.


Promo Image for Control; showing Jesse walking towards three bodies floating in the air.
Image via 505 Games

If there’s any game that players should check out along with this horror sequel, it’s Control. While it skews toward the weirder side of science fiction, especially with its similarities to the fictional SCP Foundation writing project, all the hallmarks of a Remedy Entertainment game are here. If you’re looking for something with unraveling mysteries, engaging writing, and live-action elements, Control is a must-play.

Even more important than all of the above is that it’s a part of the same universe as the Alan Wake series. While there were hints and easter eggs before, this is where things become more closely tied. I highly suggest checking this out to become more acquainted with the universe they’re building up.

That’s my list of the 10 best games to play like Alan Wake 2. If you’re planning on taking another trip to the dark place anytime soon, make sure to visit our AW2 guides hub to keep things optimal.

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