10 Best Nintendo Switch Games of 2023

There were a lot of great games for Switch this year. Here's the 10 best!

This year has been filled with amazing releases for Nintendo. If you’re looking for something new to play or wondering if you missed anything you might enjoy, we’ve got you covered. We’ve compiled the 10 best Nintendo Switch games of 2023.

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10 Best Nintendo Switch Games of 2023

10. Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon

Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon box art
Image via Nintendo

For all the fellow Bayonetta fans, you should definitely check out Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon. Sure, it’s not the typical hack-and-slash gameplay you’re used to, but it shows the origin of our favorite witch when she went by the name Cereza. You’ll also be playing as Cheshire, her first demon. Together, you’ll have to solve puzzles to save her mother. The visuals are also unique, looking like they came straight out of a storybook. 

9. Advance Wars 1+2 Re-Boot Camp

Advance Wars 1+2 Re-Boot Camp box art
Image via Nintendo

The Advance Wars games are hidden gems that were a warm welcome this year. In both titles, you’ll play as Commanding Officers that have different strengths and weaknesses. You’ll have to command units on the land, air, and sea, so you have to bring your best tactician skills to win. 

There are also versus modes where you can play against each other in local and online multiplayer. This is a great addition to the games and really puts your skills to the test. Each player will play as one of the various Commanding Officers from the campaign, so choose wisely.

8. Kirby’s Return to Dream Land Deluxe

Kirby’s Return to Dream Land Deluxe box art with Kirby and friends
Image via Nintendo

Kirby’s Return to Dream Land Deluxe is a platformer where the adorable pink puffball embarks on a quest to help a mysterious spaceship return home. Kirby isn’t alone, as he can team up with up to three friends: Meta Knight, King Dedede, or Waddle Dee. Together, they’ll explore vibrant landscapes, inhale enemies to steal their abilities and navigate colorful stages filled with playful challenges. 

Although this game was originally released on the Wii, it’s one of the best co-op Kirby experiences to date. The updated visuals are also stunning and make Dream Land pop out with all the vibrant colors.

7. Fire Emblem Engage

Image via Nintendo

Fire Emblem Engage is the most recent entry into the series. It has the tactical turn-based combat that we’ve all come and know to love. The main mechanic that sets this entry apart is the appearance of characters from previous titles like Marth. 

There are 12 magic rings that each hold a phantasmal copy of previous Fire Emblem characters. Units equipped with these rings can “Engage” with the Emblem Rings to summon all of your favorite characters. Not only does this add to already deep and established gameplay, but it’s also nice fan service that fits well with the story.

6. Pikmin 1+2

Image via Nintendo

As a lifelong fan of the Pikmin series, it’s my job to encourage everyone to play these charming games. If you’ve enjoyed the more recent entries like Pikmin 3 and 4, you have to try where the series all started.

Pikmin 1 shows the origin of the Olimar crash landing and discovering the Pikmin. You’ll have to use their help to defeat enemies and find parts of his ship to get back home. It’s simple, fun, and has loads of replayability. 

If you’re up for a challenge, Pikmin 2 is by far the hardest game in the series. This time around Olimar returns to the Pikmin’s home planet with his pal Loui to collect treasure so their company can get out of debt. You get to control two captains at once, which leads to even more strategy and multitasking.

5. Metroid Prime Remastered

Image via Nintendo

In a world filled with remakes and remasters, Metroid Prime is one of the best to come out this year. If you’ve been waiting for Metroid Prime 4 like I have, this will definitely hold you over for a little while. 

Metroid Prime breaks away from the standard 2D platformer and throws you into a first-person shooter adventure. This remaster improves not only the graphics but the controls as well. The game has withheld the test of time and is one of the best Metroid games in the franchise.

4. Super Mario RPG

Image via Nintendo

Join Mario and Co. on one of their most epic adventures as they try to defeat the Smithy Gang. The Super Mario RPG remake is truly a masterpiece and stands out among the rest. The visuals are stunning yet stay true to the original. New additions like triple moves keep it fresh and are a great addition that adds even more strategy to battles. 

The characters and story are very charming and memorable. This is one of Bowser’s best appearances in the series. And who doesn’t love the puppet Geno? If you’ve ever wondered: what if Mario was a Final Fantasy game? This is it. 

3. Pikmin 4 

Image via Nintendo

Pikmin 4 is a treat, to say the least. It’s the perfect little game to sit back, relax and enjoy the beautiful sceneries in the game. Well, until a creature kills all the Pikmin in your squad. That being said, it’s the perfect cozy game. The addition of Glow Pikmin adds a whole new game mode that’s basically tower defense and is loads of fun.

You can also purchase items and upgrades so you can cater to your playstyle. However, the best addition to the series is the alien dod Oath; he’s a certified good boy.

2. Super Mario Bros. Wonder 

Image via Nintendo

While it can be hard to imagine making a 2D Mario feel fresh and new, that’s exactly what Super Mario Bros. Wonder does. The game totally revamps the series with a brand new art style that makes Mario and his friends more expressive and charming than ever. 

The addition of badges changes the gameplay completely. You can glide, triple jump, spin, and even throw a vine. However, the best part of the game is the Wonder Flowers, giving every level a weird and wacky effect that totally changes everything. 

1. Tears of the Kingdom 

Image via Nintendo

What is there to say about The Legend of Zelda: Tears of The Kingdom? It’s one of the biggest and best games of the year. It takes everything that made Breath of the Wild great and revolutionary and expands on it tenfold. There’s so much to do and explore that it makes its predecessor feel empty. 

The Ultra Hand ability allows you to build whatever you want, and the only limitation is your imagination. TotK also has some of the best puzzles in the series because of this ability. You can solve any problem in an almost infinite amount of ways. You can spend endless hours pushing the game to its limits to see what’s possible; I still do.

Those are the 10 best Nintendo Switch games of 2023. If you haven’t tried any of these yet, pick up a few. If you’re looking for more recommendations, check out our other best-of-2023 lists right here at GameSkinny.

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