Check out the biggest swords to ever grace video games

10 Biggest Swords in Gaming History

Check out the biggest swords to ever grace video games

When it comes to gaming, the sky's the limit no matter how impractical. The pen may be mightier than the sword but it can’t touch the size of video game’s ridiculously massive swords.

Whether for good or for evil, swords are a staple in fantasy gaming and through the years they have found ways of reinventing themselves into some incredible looking weaponry.

Check out ten of the biggest sword’s in gaming.

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Nightmare's Soul Edge

Soul Calibur

You can’t make a top ten list without including Soul Edge. This sword isn’t just huge, it’s the source of so much turmoil in the Soul Calibur franchise. It made Siegfried into Nightmare after all. You know, before Siegfried managed to break free of the corruption only for the sword to manifest into a completely new Nightmare.

For a corrupted sword, Soul Edge is pretty sick - no pun intended, but it does have some pretty crazy variations the more corrupt and powerful Nightmare gets. Not to mention, it gets bigger!


Siegfried’s Soul

Soul Calibur

If Soul Calibur was looked at in the same light of Beauty and the Beast, than the sword certainly would be the beauty. Admittedly, Siegfried’s Soul Calibur isn’t as big as Soul Edge, but it still is an impressive sword in both style and size. Don’t let the fragile look fool you though, it’s more than capable in doing some serious damage.

Cloud Strife's Buster Sword

Final Fantasy VII

The Buster Sword is absolutely one of the most well-known big bad swords out there - and for good reason: it’s larger than the wielder. Good thing video games aren’t about practicality, because if they were, there’d be no way that Cloud could properly lift this thing, let alone fight.

Sephiroth's Masamune

Final Fantasy VII

Sephiroth’s Masamune might not be massive, but it is long. In fact, he probably has the longest sword in video game history - and that’s saying something. It’s only a wonder how he’s never managed to poke someone’s eye out. He did, however, nail Cloud Strife right in the shoulder several yards away in the epic battle during Advent Children

Garland's Sword

Dissidia Final Fantasy

Garland may not have an official name for his sword, but we know it will “knock you all down!” The sword makes its debut on the Dissidia Final Fantasy battlefield, and while it might not be impressive in design, it is impressive in size. And that’s all that matters.

Rathalo's Sword Axe

Monster Hunter

Monster Hunter is filled with some ridiculously huge weaponry, including Rathalos’ Sword Axe. Pretty much every sword in the game should make the list, but since it’s a top ten, Rathalos’ massive hybrid weapon is more than acceptable to represent the big swords of Monster Hunter. If you're into sword hybrids, give Monster Hunter a look as there are plenty of hybrid styled weapons throughout the game. 

Riven's Dragonblade

League of Legends

Big swords aren’t just for knights, monster hunters, and bio-enhanced soldiers. In the realm of video games, girls can hang with the big boys and swing just as big, if not bigger swords. There’s no shield like a Dragonblade sword, and League of Legends femme fatale Riven happens to wield it.

War's Chaoseater

Darksiders 2

War of Darksiders is a pretty big guy with a pretty big responsibility, so it only makes sense that he has a huge sword.The aptly named Chaoseater, also known as “the angry blade”, has the ability to absorb Chaos energy from defeated enemies and give War the eventual ability to tap into his Chaos Form.

If you think Chaoseater is big already, you should see it in its Chaos Form!

Protagonist's Buster Sword

God Eater

Much like Monster Hunters, God Eater is full of huge swords, including this Buster Sword. It certainly isn’t your Cloud Strife sword, though it does resemble it - granted with some add-ons to make it a God Eater exclusive. This however isn't the only Buster style sword within the game, so if you get a chance you should definitely check out the game and see all the variations of this pretty popular style sword. 

Caius Ballad's Ragnarok

Final Fantasy XIII-2

Undoubtedly, Final Fantasy has some seriously big swords that could make it’s own top ten list, but to be fair to the other swords out there I had to refrain from adding all of them in such a general list. However, I’d be remiss to not add Caius’ Ragnarok. The sword easily joins Soul Calibur with being both big and beautiful.

And there you have it, ten of the biggest and baddest swords in gaming. Of course, this is all subjective and not at all set in stone, as swords will only get bigger and badder with the progression of games and their creativity.

So, tell us, what are some of your favorite big swords?


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