10 Cool Gaming Memes and Experiences

From respawn to parties, here are 10 (11 if you count the first slide) cool gaming memes.
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Memes are taking the internet world by storm. These images are shared worldwide on Facebook and Twitter. Let's take a look at some memes and experiences that tie in with gaming.

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Death is not permanent in most video games. They do usually have some penalty like items not being as tough or experience loss. It's all about the respawn, baby, and hopefully in a good spot!

Do you know this face? I am most definitely familiar with it myself. Running along in Skyrim and run up on a surprise boss. It's early in the game so I'm not as bad as I want to be. I get torn up and die. Let's go load my save game...which was two hours ago?! Freak out to begin.

Horror games aren't all my style sometimes. I love haunting ghost stories, but blood and gore still get to me. From the scale, I would say I fall between 4 and 5. What is your horror game face?

First world gaming problems. Respawn campers definitely fall into that category for fans of first-person shooters. It doesn't matter what is going on or who is around. You have a new mission to seek and destroy the camper.

Player-versus-player (or PvP) matches are very popular in a lot of games. Matches can go all the way up to 64-person teams or open-world free-for-alls. I sometimes seem to get stuck in matches were my team sucks and the other side looks so well organized that they must be a guild or clan all in one team. Just works out that way sometimes.

Unless you are one of those gamers who has a poker face (where you don't show your emotions), a lot of us know these faces. The range of gamer emotion is pretty spread out, but these are a good glimpse into that range.

First time failure against a boss: I'll get it next time.

Second time? Oh it is on like Donkey Kong! In the words of Ken Jeong from The Hangover, "Its on now madafakah!!" Admit it, you totally read that in his voice.

Team griefers can be a huge pain to deal with. On occasion, being shot in the back by a team mate could be innocent. Your character was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. There are some people, however, that just like to see the rise they get out of killing their own team players.

This is a problem I suffer from that I like to call too-soon-jumperitis. On my screen, it looks like I am in the perfect place to jump. Two things can occur:

  • I'm not really jumping from the place I think cause of lag
  • I hit spacebar and it does not jump, resulting in me running off the edge

Drunken parties often can't last for days at a time without someone ending up in the hospital. Gamer parties on the other hand, we can go a week as long as we have a steady stream of munchies and drinks on hand.

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