10 Extreme Gaming Desks

Here are 10 extreme gaming desks for you to drool over.

If you've ever wondered if there are extreme gaming desks and setups, I'm here to tell you... yes there are. Here are 10 extreme gaming desks to satisfy your curiosity.

This is the winner of the Cooler Master Case Mod Competition a couple of years ago. The case mod was made entirely out of aluminum and glass. The PC inside is water-cooled, cables are hidden, and it has easy access to change hardware as needed. What's impressive is that the computer makes a silent work-space, thanks to the cooling system located beneath the house.

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German workstation creators Master-Rig thought up the Battle-Rig Pro with gamers specifically in mind. Comfy seating, ample storage, speaker integration for full surround sound and no exposed wires. This is definitely a desk to drool over.


The MWE Emperor 200 is a futuristic workstation featuring three 24" HD LED touchscreens, LED lighting, THX surround sound, motorized adjustments for chair and screens, and air filtration?? I can see Mass Effect fans commanding this one.

Okay, what's not awesome about having Han Solo frozen in carbonite as your gaming desk? This incredible desk is created by Tom Spina Designs. Can we say, "yes please?"

Wait...what? This baby was spotted at Quake Con 2008 and is called, simply enough, "The Barbecue Grill." This grill conceals a complete gaming rig. hidden beneath the lid is a widescreen LCD monitor and very powerful PC. The glowing orange fans look like hot coals. Pretty crazy right?

Found this interesting desk on Pinterest. This is definitely for the Star Wars connoisseur. The TIE Fighter desk was made by David Barry who is a die-hard Star Wars fan.

The Vision One "V1" Flagship Edition is modern in shape and in its design. The V1 offers ergonomic comfort and great quality. It supports three flat-screen displays, brackets for a 5.1-speaker surround sound system, padded and pivoted elbow pads, supports multiple PCs and gaming consoles, and is equipped with your choice of genuine car seats in various colors, finishes, and configurations.

Who wants a NASA Mission Control gaming desk? This was originally found for sale on Craigslist in Washington for $199!!

The Grapht Roccaforte gamer desk from Japan, is designed so that even with a larger number of peripheral devices everything remains within your grasp. The arrangement of keyboard, mouse pad, mouse, steering wheels or joysticks is up to the player themselves.

Another amazing creation by Tom Spina Designs is The Marvel Avengers inspired desk. The props include a replica Iron Man helmet, Thor's hammer, Captain America's shield, Nick Fury's gun, a gamma chamber, and Hawkeye's signature arrows. It's a fully functional desk with a glass surface and includes a set of drawers hidden behind Hawkeye's arrows and a set of shelves hidden by the gamma chamber. Who wouldn't want this bad boy?

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