10 Games You Should Be Excited For

Ten games I feel everyone should be excited for.

1.) Chroma

Harmonix is widely known for making Rock Band, but they threw a curve ball out of nowhere recently with the announcement of a first person shooter. No gameplay has been released, and not a lot is known about the game yet. But what really caught my attention was that the gameplay will be influenced by the game's soundtrack. It seems the different classes in Chroma will be based on genres of music, so a heavy class might use Dubstep or Heavy Metal for their sound weapons.

2.) Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor

Lets face it, most of The Lord of The Rings games have not been all too amazing. But most of them were based off of the events in the books. That's where Shadow of Mordor breaks the mold: a new character, a new story, and a new time period. You play as Talion, a ranger with wraith abilities using your abilities you journey to Mordor to get revenge on those who killed you. The game takes place between The Hobbit and The Lord Of The Rings. The pre-alpha footage is definitely promising.

3.) Dying Light

What started out as a Dead Island sequel has turned into a new franchise that combines freerunning and zombies, what is there not to love? Featuring a day/night cycle, where during the day zombies are slow and useless. But come nightfall they are fast, agile, and outright scary. Use the day to gather supplies, fortify your safe house and rescue survivors. But make sure you are in your safe house when the night comes, otherwise this first person shooter becomes a survival horror game.

4.) The Evil Within

All I should have to say is "Shinji Mikami" and you should already be excited. Why? Because Shinji Mikami is the godfather of the survival horror genre. With games like the original Resident Evil and Dino Crisis under his belt, Shinji will definitely scare the pants right off your body. The Evil Within follows detective Sebastian Castellanos and his partners as they try to survive a nightmarish land filled with monsters and death. Make sure you have plenty of clean underwear.

5.) Child Of Light

I love the UbiArt engine, Rayman Legends uses it, and it is a beautiful game. It's inspiring to see that the engine is going to be used for other games as well. Child Of Light features some beautiful hand drawn backgrounds and characters, as well as an old school turn-based combat system. Set in 1895, you play as Aurora who becomes sick and falls asleep. She awakes in a mythical world called Lemuria, she is then tasked with recovering the sun, moon, and stars from the black queen.

6.) Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number

The first Hotline Miami was an amazing indie game that was brutal, vulgar, and awesome. This top-down, Drive-inspired thrill ride is the '80s incarnate. The team over at Dennaton Games have turned killing into an art form with the Hotline Miami franchise. I can't wait to see how much they have improved on their formula. Expect lots of blood.

7.) Styx: Master Of Shadows

So far only a teaser trailer has been shown for Styx: Master Of Shadows. Taking place far before the events in Of Orcs And Men, Styx is the first goblin and wishes only to steal the heart of the world-tree. Styx can clone himself--to distract guards or scout ahead without being caught--and can turn invisible. It's going to be interesting to see how Cyanide changes its RPG-like formula to a more stealth driven game.

8.) Transistor

From the creators of Bastion comes an all new sci-fi action rpg. Red is a young singer, who has come in possession of the Transistor. The Transistor is a powerful and intelligent sword. The Process wants both Red and the Transistor, and will do anything to catch them. I am a huge fan of Super Giant Games and I cant wait to see more of this beautiful game.

9.) Wolfenstein: The New Order

Wolfenstein has been around for over 20 years, having a new set of hands work on the formula can only be a good thing. You play as B.J. Blaskowich, an American soldier who wakes up 14 years after World War II only to find that Nazi's have won the war and now rule the world. B.J. soon joins a resistance to stop the Nazi party once and for all. But his enemy is more advanced than ever before.

10.) Gauntlet

The Gauntlet series has been out of the spotlight for far too long, seeing as its last installment was on the Nintendo Gamecube back in 2005. Gauntlet is a co-op dungeon crawler, where you can choose from 4 different classes; Warrior, Valkyrie, Elf, and Wizard. Prepare to invade the darkness on Steam this summer.