10 Memorable Boss Fights

Recent bosses that left an imprint on players memories.

A bad or buggy/broken boss fight in a game can be just as detrimental as bad gameplay. This list takes a few things into consideration when choosing bosses. In my mind a boss:

  • Has a level/room dedicated to them
  • Has a visible health bar (in most cases)
  • Takes and deals much more damage than regular enemies

With those things in mind lets dive into what I believe are ten of the most epic boss fights we have seen in video game history.


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Lollipop Chainsaw - Zed

Taken by himself, this boss isn't very impressive - a punk-style zombie with a cheerleader trying to kill him. However, looking at the entire fight and level design around Zed, this easily becomes a fight to remember. The music is amazing, the attack patterns of Zed are unique, and the amazing death scene skyrocket this fight to one of the greats.

Super Meat Boy - Dr. Fetus

Super Meat Boy was an indie game that quickly became recognized for its difficulty level. Despite the challenge, the game is amazing and has a plethora of memorable moments. Dr. Fetus was not only an amazing character, but the final level tested all the player had learned and experienced through the entire game. This level pushed players to see what they had retained or not retained while playing the game.

Dead Rising - Adam The Clown Psycho

Dead Rising was a game that took players by surprise. It was something that hadn't been seen before. Adam the Psycho Clown was a fascinating fight. There are a lot of people that have a true fear of clowns and this particular NPC's mental health is broken after the zombie apocalypse, which can be seen when interacting with him in the game. It isn't just the fight alone that makes this one to remember - it is more about the gruesome death of this character after you beat him.

Dante's Inferno - Cleopatra

Dante's Inferno is a very stylish hack-and-slash game. This fight is one for the books. How can anyone forget the huge breasts in the background of the fight that has small fetus like enemies spawning from the nipples. This fight is easily the most memorable from the game and stands out among many others from different titles.

Destiny - Atheon

Destiny created a great experience for online players. The Vault of Glass raid was added for free a couple of weeks after launch. This boss fight and the whole level in general are something special. The raid initially took me fifteen hours to complete from start to finish. The boss alone was an eight hour fight. Anyone who has experienced this fight will agree that its mechanics make it a battle to remember.

The Evil Within - The Keeper Boss Fight

SPOILER - Although this boss fight is not the only time you face the Keeper, you are pinned up in a room for this particular encounter. This character fight is so surreal it has to make the list. It leaves the player feeling helpless and scared, like a small rodent running from a swinging hammer trying to find the exit. The feeling that you get when you finally find the correct path can only be described as great. 

Demon's Souls - Old Monk Fight

Demon's Souls created a new style of gameplay that many of us have grown to appreciate. In this new style was a boss that also seems to be very unique. The Old Monk boss fight pulled other players that were in the same level to fight as the boss against players that were trying to beat the boss. This was something different in terms of a boss fight, and another way players could do PvP while attempting to progress through the game. 

God of War 3 - Poseidon Battle 

The God of War series has had some impressive boss fights, Poseidon is no exception. This fight takes place early in the game and really amps up the expectations for what other things will come as you play through the game. This fight is both beautiful and fun to play, making it a top boss fight.

Catherine - The Child

Catherine is a very obscure game and very enjoyable. This one makes the list for its underlying motivations rather than mechanics or level design. Although this (again) is a very creative character design, the meaning and symbolism of the undead child is more impressive. The following quote is taken right from Catherine Wiki.

The baby itself represents Vincent's fear of having a child, which is raised when Katherine tells him the day before that she might be pregnant. The undead appearance is a design choice to make the The Child appear more menacing and creepy: to Vincent, this Child exists to destroy his freedom and life, chaining him to something he isn't ready for yet. 

Dark Souls - Ornstein and Smough

Last on this list, but certainly not least, is one of the most notorious bosses from Dark Souls. Again I'm taking into consideration the fight, level design, and going into a bit more depth to look at the soundtrack of the fight as well. This encounter is impressive on every level. This was one of the fights in Dark Souls that just had players astonished. You  must fight two behemoths at the same time. Then when you finish one off, the other becomes a super behemoth. Talk about intense. 

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