10 new worlds we'd love to play through in Kingdom Hearts 3!

10 New worlds we’d love to see in Kingdom Hearts 3

10 new worlds we'd love to play through in Kingdom Hearts 3!
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There have been many Disney worlds that Sora and company have traveled to, but there have always been some that haven’t made the cut that fans have waited for. Hopefully, these worlds will be added in the next game. Here is a list of the worlds we’d love to see in Kingdom Hearts 3.

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1. Toy Story

Being able to visit Andy’s room, team up with Woody & Buzz to fight off Heartless is something all Kingdom Hearts fans have been waiting for since the first game came out. Imagine being toy sized and fighting mini Heatless and having Sid or his dog as a boss fight. This world definitely needs to be in KH3!

2. Wreck-It Ralph

Wreck-It Ralph was an awesome movie as it brought the video game world to life. I t is similar to Kingdom Hearts in a sense as Ralph travels between “game worlds” to achieve his dream. It’s easy to picture Sora and the gang joining Ralph in fighting the Heartless and Nobodies in the different video game worlds. This would be one of the coolest worlds in any KH game to date.

3. The Incredibles

Visiting Olympus Coliseum has made Sora and the others into true heroes, so why not become super heroes? Joining The Incredibles would be extremely fun! Sora’s clothes (assuming they are still magic) can transform and give him his own custom super suit to fight the baddies with having custom limit attacks with Mr. Incredible or have the kids on the team instead of Donald and Goofy. I can picture it now…..

4. The Avengers

There have been mixed views on The Avengers being a part of the Kingdom Hearts universe and for good reason. With the addition of The Grid and Port Royal, adding The Avengers join can be easily done. Sora can get his own Ironman suit or Keyblade, Donald can get Thor’s Hammer and of course Goofy getting Cap’s shield. This would be the most bada** world yet and by far the coolest fights of the entire franchise!

5. The Princess and the Frog

Having another princess join the fray isn’t such a bad idea. Going to New Orleans and teaming up with Tiana would be right up Sora’s alley. This would be an interesting world as battling the evil Dr. Facilier with primarily magic. This would be a great twist for the franchise and bring a more modern Disney to the universe. 

6. Star Wars

This is where it gets tricky. The Star Wars franchise isn’t exactly something everyone wants added, but it would be awesome to see. A Lightsaber version of Sora’s Keyblade would be freaking awesome! Battling Heartless, Nobodies, and Storm Troopers together would be really cool to see. This could be done just like Port Royal and The Grid. Tell me it wouldn’t rock to see Sora and the gang getting training from Yoda? It totally would. 

7. Monsters Inc.

Monsters Inc. would be great for those who grew up watching this movie and for newcomers to the KH franchise. Using doors to stop Heartless from taking the hearts of children and stopping Randal from destroying everything would be a blast. Plus watching Sora and co. dressed as monsters to fit in would be funny to see.

8. Final Fantasy

Kingdom Hearts is a mix of Disney and Final Fantasy, so having more Final Fantasy Characters only seems right. The majority of FF characters are in Radiant Garden and not in their own FF themed world. Having one where you meet Lightning and team up with her and her squad is exactly what KH needs. An original FF world with their own villains, and of course Heartless, would be great to have.

9. Wall-E

Wall-E‘s world could be similar to Stich’s world in Birth by Sleep. Traveling along through space and see something on your radar and when you check it out, its Wall-E trying to get onto the ship to save his girlfriend, EVE. It would be hilarious to see the Heartless try and wrangle with the people in their floaty chairs. Having EVE join the team to save Wall-E from being thrown out into space could be a great side mission or mini-game. Heck, this zone could play a role similar to Hundred Acre Wood.

10. Land of Departure

This world is heavily rumored to make a return in Kingdom Hearts 3 as it is seen in the new E3 2015 trailer and it would only make sense as Sora and the others are trying to bring Terra, Ven, and Aqua back to fight Xehanort once and for all. This is where Sora can get his new outfit and/or pass his mark of mastery.

Who knows, maybe Sora and Riku can get their own Keyblade armor towards the end of the game, that’d be beyond awesome! This world needs to make a return as it is an important thematic space that could fit perfectly.

Any worlds I left out? Leave them below!

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