10 Of The Worst Video Game Tattoos

10 of the most unfortunate video game tattoos from dedicated fans all over the world.
This article is over 10 years old and may contain outdated information

Sonic the Hedgehog... Kind of

As a huge Sonic fan, I'm actually a little offended by this. Not only is this defamation, but he looks like he's threatening me for my lunch money. And what's happening with his feet?!

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Pac-Man on Your Face... Seems Legit

While the actual artistry isn't too bad on this one, the placement and concept are just hilarious. I'd love to have been present during this conversation between the artist and the client: "Hey there, Pac-Man has been such an influence in my life, I think I'd like you to shave my head and draw it on my face."

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L33T H4X0R Means I'm the Best, Right?

There's not much I can say, as this tattoo speaks for itself. Not only is the tattoo itself comical, it looks like the tattoo artist just started the day before. 

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The Bleeding Mario Mushroom

I can't make this up people. I just can't. 

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Mario Scene Outline

Getting a Mario tattoo covering your entire back could potentially be a good idea. In this case, it doesn't seem like it went as well as it was planned to. The fact that everything has a bold black outline also makes it look like my little brother drew it. 

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Level Up... Even Though Your Experience Bar Isn't Full?

First I'd like to point out that while the HP and EXP bars fade, the MP doesn't. Not only is the color shading in this tattoo a little lackluster, it doesn't even make sense! I've never gotten a character to level up without a full experience bar... maybe I'm doing something wrong. 

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You can tell the tattoo artist in question is very, very new at his/her job. You can also tell that this girl was obviously out of paper, and really needed to remember this button combination. 

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Another Head Tattoo, Why Not?

One thing I've always wondered is why people got tattoos that would just be completely covered if he/she let hair grow. This is a prime example. I also wonder if he'll be getting a job anytime soon. 

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I'll Give You Three Guesses

Although I played Halo religiously, I still had no idea that this was a Covenant Grunt. This is another one I almost want to take personally. How dare you do this to my childhood!

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Safe To Assume This Guy Doesn't Own A PS3?

I have seen a multitude of fantastic Xbox tattoos. Whether or not it's a good idea, let's just leave that up to interpretation. However, this one is a little unfortunate... the circle isn't even straight. 

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