There is always the fear that a purchase will sit on a shelf and collect dust. These 10 items satisfy that itch for Pokemon related gear and are also usable in everyday life!

10 Pokemon collectibles you can get everyday use out of

There is always the fear that a purchase will sit on a shelf and collect dust. These 10 items satisfy that itch for Pokemon related gear and are also usable in everyday life!

Lots of people enjoy collecting gear based off their favorite games. However, a lot of items, such as cosplay props, do not have practical uses afterwards - other than sitting on a shelf and collecting dust.

These 10 fan made Pokémon items have more practical everyday uses:

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Kawaii Jigglypuff Post Earrings

Admittedly, few men are likely to wear these adorable earrings from AlexsMisfitToys on Etsy. But there are just as many girl gamers out there, and Jigglypuff is pretty funny, especially when she uncaps her marker microphone and draws all over peoples' faces.

How could such an innocent, cute face be so incredibly ill-tempered, but hilarious all at once? Regardless of how pink and sweet looking Jigglypuff is, she is still pretty awesome.

These earrings are available from AlexsMisfitToys shop on Etsy for $6.50. 

Pokémon Soap with Pokémon Toys in the Middle

This is a bit more of a fun thing for kids. But if you are at the age when you have children and you are introducing them to games like Pokémon, soap shaped like Pokéballs with Pokémon figurines in the middle are the perfect incentive not to avoid bath time. Who knows, the kids might even enjoy their bath! Plus, the soap apparently smells pretty good.

The Pokéball soap can be found at InnerSunSoap on Etsy for $11.00 apiece.

Aegislash Scarf

If you have ever wanted to snatch that scarf from an Aegislash and wear it as an accessory or protection from the cold, here is your chance. RinalasCrafts has this scarf in both normal and shiny forms (instead of purple the swirl is yellow). This is bound to get some use in colder climates, especially during the fall and winter. Also, the scarf is undeniably cool looking.

The Aegislash Scarf can be found at RinalasCrafts on Etsy for $16.00.

Pokémon Starter + Pikachu Etched Shot Glass Set of 4

These hand-etched shot glasses by CustomShot are sadly not colored as they are in this picture (this is an effect from water and food coloring), but they are still lovely works of art that can be displayed or used as a normal shot glass would.

The shot glasses are available at CustomShot's shop on Etsy for $24.00, though you can also request custom-made ones individually for $5.00-$10.00 apiece.

Pokémon Charmander Handmade Hat

I will admit to having the Bulbasaur version of this hat, and I wear it around college all the time, without a second glance from anybody. The hats might be a little more fitting for a child, but at some point or another people usually stop caring that you are older and you like Pokémon. The hats are made of polar fleece, which means they are good in cold weather as long as it is not too windy.

The Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle versions of this hat are available at riomccarthy's shop on Etsy, for $25.00 apiece (although there are some other versions, such as a Rattata and Froakie).

Pokémon Eeveelution Umbrella

Being unfortunately obsessed with "Eeveelutions" myself, I had to include something that showed off the creatures. This umbrella does that perfectly, and is suitable for most rain (unless you live in the Midwest USA where heavy rain flies sideways in high winds, then the umbrella will probably turn inside out). This is certainly a nice alternative to some of the less exciting umbrellas I have seen out there.

The Eeveelution umbrella is available from Rosewine's shop on Etsy, for $38.00.

Oak Research Kanto Black and Fire Red Full Zip Hoodie

You finished your Pokédex, right? Even with the current trading options it is still quite a feat to Catch 'em All. In Generation I, it was a real challenge - given you had to know someone with a game and a wire to connect your two systems. This hoodie might remind you of the "good old days" in the Kanto region, when there were only 151 (or 386 in Gen III) Pokémon to worry about.

The Oak Research Kanto hoodie is available from Player1clothing's shop on Etsy for $40.32.

Poke-phones Hand Painted Pokéball Headphones

For music-lovers who also love Pokémon, this set of hand painted Phillips SHP1900 headphones may do the trick. They can be customized to be any Pokéball, and are painted over with varnish.

These headphones are available at ketchupize's Etsy shop for about $70.00.

Minky Pokemon Ball Bean Bag Chair

Beanbag chairs are not for everyone, but they are nice to have when there are friends around and you need some extra chairs or pillows for people to relax on. And what better to show off your love of Pokémon than a Pokéball beanbag chair? The great part is it is made out of minky, a fabric that is typically used for baby blankets because it is very soft and thick.

A Snorlax would be cool, too, but the only one I could find was both out of stock and well out of most peoples' price range. This chair is also not cheap, but is for sale at bluemonkeystyle's store on Etsy for $75.00.

Large Wailord Pillow Plush

I sleep in a zoo of plush animals, and I know some other people who love them, so this Wailord plushie (which is over 2 feet long, by the way) called out to me. Made of fleece, and stuffed with Poly-fil, it sounds wonderful to snuggle with or lie on as a pillow. Children would probably love to have this as their cuddle buddy!

Given this Wailord is both hand and machine sewn by one person, he is a little pricey. He is available for pre-order at SmileAndLead's shop on Etsy for $100.00, and can be made in shiny form or customized to be even larger!

What are some of the coolest (and most practical) pieces of gamer gear you have come across? Know of any better Pokémon gear that should have been included? Let us know in the comments!


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