10 WWE legends who need to be in WWE 2K16

Ten superstars and divas that should return to the virtual ring in WWE's latest video game.
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WWE 2K16 dives through the ring ropes and into consoles in October this year. Following some exciting announcements made regarding gameplay updates at Gamescom, it looks set to be a vast improvement on its predecessor.

One of those announcement highlights is the expansion of the main roster to 120 unique characters, which will undoubtedly leave players with tons of choices among their favorite grapplers they compete with.

With such an immense roster, it is unquestionable that some talent from WWE's illustrious past will be made available to stride through the curtain and compete with the current superstars and divas that entertain on a nightly basis.

This nostalgia value is a major selling point for longtime fans of professional wrestling, as they get to assume the role of some of the most legendary names to ever grace the squared circle and relive the work of their beloved heroes. 

However, even with such an extensive selection of characters, the inclusion of most of today's athletes and young upstarts from NXT, there will have to be a limit on the number of these former stars that can grace this latest installment of the enduring franchise. Stone Cold Steve Austin, as the cover star of the game, is already guaranteed a slot, as likely will a number of part-time veterans such as Triple H, The Rock, and The Undertaker.

So, as a passionate wrestling fan and a perennial buyer of the WWE series of video games, here would be my 10 picks for legends to feature in WWE 2K16.

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Dusty Rhodes

Last video game appearance: WWE 2K14

Following his tragic passing in June of this year, there are few former superstars more deserving of a place in WWE 2K16 than Dusty Rhodes. One of the most charismatic and beloved wrestler's in history, Rhodes was not only an incredible talent inside the ring and on the microphone, but behind the scenes also.

That relationship as a producer and creative writer is what merits his place in this list above all else. Without Dusty Rhodes, many of the current superstars and divas would have experienced the success that they have. Many in the locker room credit a great deal of their careers to the hugely respected American Dream, and many fans would love to pay respects by competing as him in the 2K16.

If nothing else, the image of Rhodes reuniting with his sons Goldust and Stardust on screen again should be reason enough to bring the legendary Son of a Plumber into WWE 2K16.

Eddie Guerrero

Last video game appearance: WWE 2K14

There will always be a special place in wrestling fans' hearts for Eddie Guerrero, one of the most popular wrestler's of all time taken from us far too soon. Guerrero was one of the most decorated champions in the history of WWE, capturing the WWE Championship in 2004 alongside a collection of Intercontinental, United States and Tag Team titles.

But what made Guerrero stand apart from the rest of the roster was his undying passion for his craft and the respect of the audience. He conquered demons that most people become forever lost to, and emerged a new man with a zest for life and a devotion to professional wrestling. Players would be grateful for the opportunity to see him riding down to the ring on a low rider once again.

Guerrero was also a phenomenal wrestler from a technical standpoint, meaning his value as a playable character would be incredibly high. His diverse move-set, including the spectacular Frog Splash, would ensure he would not only bring nostalgia to WWE 2K16, but a performer who could produce epic contests with any of today's superstars.

The New Age Outlaws

Last video game appearance: WWE 13

One of WWE's most celebrated tandems, the New Age Outlaws rocked the Attitude Era with their in-your-face attitude and physical offense. Whilst neither Billy Gunn or Road Dogg would probably be brought up as wonderful technicians between the ropes, they had charisma in spades and developed a withstanding bond with the WWE Universe that lasts to this very day.

The pair won the Tag Team Championships six times over the course of their career, cementing themselves as one of the most accredited teams in history. But it was not simply their golden success that makes them an excellent choice for WWE 2K16, as everything from their unique entrance, entertaining maneuvers and hardcore background should qualify them for a spot in the game.

Furthermore, both have continued to make contributions to WWE beyond their considerable efforts in the ring, meaning they are on very good terms with those producing the game. Gunn is a trainer in NXT, whilst Dogg is a producer and road agent.

Kevin Nash

Last video game appearance: WWE 2K14

This is an ideal year for "Big Sexy" Kevin Nash to return to WWE video games, as he was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame at WrestleMania 31. The former WWE and WCW Champion might not have been the most mobile or sound performer to ever step between the ropes, but that does not demean his impact on the business as a whole, as a founding member of both the Kliq and the nWo.

Without Kevin Nash, a number of facets of the wrestling business today would have never taken place, such as guaranteed contracts and offering wrestler's insurance deals. Nash was also a very charismatic and confident competitor with a frightening height that made an intimidating package for both opponents and the onlooking fans.

The big man also has the benefit of being a particularly close friend of Triple H, which would boost his chances of getting a chance in the game. But, overall, Nash still carries a significant fan base that would be delighted to compete in his sizable boots.

Jake "The Snake" Roberts

Last video game appearance: WWE 2K14

In a business where wrestlers can easily found themselves dying before their time due to crippling addictions to drugs or alcohol, Jake "The Snake" Roberts' tale of redemption is one of hope and glory. Roberts has overcome his vices to redeem himself in the eyes of the WWE Universe, to the extent that he was rewarded with a place in the Hall of Fame in 2014.

But there is a particular reason Roberts would be a crucial part of WWE 2K16, and that is surrounding its cover star Stone Cold Steve Austin. Austin's burst into superstardom came off the back of a victory over Roberts in 1996, with his opponent's born-again gimmick giving rise to the celebrated moniker "Austin 3:16."

Roberts would also be a welcome addition as the master of in-ring psychology and innovator of the DDT, and it would be particularly enticing to create dream matches between one of history's greatest wrestling minds and current inventive superstars like Dean Ambrose and Cesaro.


Last video game appearance: WWE 2K14

With the current WWE Divas revolution taking effect in the company right now, it seems utterly fitting to bolster the WWE 2K16 roster with the most revolutionary women's wrestler in history. Lita embodied all facets of the "strong, sexy, powerful" characteristics that a diva should be, as her explosive style and expressive look made her a favorite among fans.

Lita's relationship with WWE is in a particularly good place at the moment, as she is a trainer on the Tough Enough reality television show. But regardless of her current relationship, the prospect of her tangling with some of WWE and NXT's exceptional female performers is worthy enough of her featuring as part of this immense roster.

Lita, another Hall of Fame member, was a brilliant competitor, and is arguably the most popular diva to ever step in between the ropes. In this current age of revolution and improvement, she would be a wonderful ambassador in the latest video game.

The Dudley Boyz

Last video game appearance: WWE SmackDown vs RAW

After over a decade out of the loop in WWE, it is now the perfect opportunity for one of the most decorated tag teams in history to return to their video game series. Bubba Ray and D-Von Dudley were two of the most innovative and risk-taking competitors the company has ever boasted, and this lengthy absence can now finally be remedied due to neither being contracted to competitors TNA.

Together with the Hardy Boyz and Edge & Christian in the early 2000s, the Dudley Boyz revolutionized tag team wrestling, and their numerous clashes involving tables, ladders and chairs produced matches that will likely never be witnessed again. The table especially was near and dear to their hearts, sending many superstars, divas, and managers through tables during their illustrious careers.

After Bubba Ray returned for a brief cameo in the 2015 Royal Rumble, it doesn't appear to be too much of a stretch to include the nine-time Tag Team Champions on the WWE 2K16 roster.

"Rowdy" Roddy Piper

Last video game appearance: WWE 2K14

Another man who sadly passed away unexpectedly this year, WWE 2K16 could do with a little Hot Rod in it. One of the most controversial and captivating names in wrestling history, Roddy Piper would one week be the most loathed heel in the business, and the next be its most celebrated hero. His magnetic personality earned him legions of fans both in the arenas and behind the scenes.

A former Intercontinental and United States Champion, it might be held against Piper that a significant proportion of his WWE career is linked to the blacklisted Hulk Hogan. However, that should not stop the company from paying respects to one of the most determined athletes wrestling has ever produced by placing him in their latest video game.

One of the greatest psychologists and talkers ever to grace the squared circle, many fans would love the opportunity to see him apply the sleeper hold in this virtual world once again.


Last video game appearance: WWE 2K15

A major selling point of last year's effort in the WWE video game franchise was the first appearance of Sting as part of a WWE venture. The former WCW and TNA veteran had often stood apart from the biggest company of them all, but finally came to terms with a deal last year, and immediately became the buzz of the wrestling world again, and that shouldn't stop at just one game.

His match with Triple H at WrestleMania 31, although not a technical masterpiece, produced buckets of wonderful moments to send the fans into rapturous applause, and showed the 56-year-old still has plenty to give in the twilight of his career. Sting is still a fresh name for many in the WWE Universe, and so his presence in their video game series should not be limited to a sole outing.

With other legendary faces and new arrivals from NXT for him to trap in the Scorpion Death Lock, the face-painted vigilante still has a great deal of reason to be in WWE 2K16.

"Macho Man" Randy Savage

Last video game appearance: WWE 2K14

Randy Savage finally received some long overdue recognition this year within the realms of WWE  following years of being a white elephant; he finally took his deserved place in the Hall of Fame.

So, it seems perfectly appropriate to expand on that awesome development by having the late "Macho Man" feature in WWE 2K16.

Savage is one of the most respected and beloved names in wrestling due to the impact he made on how matches took place. Rather than basic shoots, he choreographed every action, every step, to make the matches exciting, captivating and entertaining. He understood better than anyone that the fans were there to be entertained in every way possible, and that was his purpose every time he strutted down the ramp.

Savage is a multi-time WWE Champion and pop culture icon. His inclusion in the latest game will no doubt increase the interest of fans, and ensure that they dropping elbows straight through the hearts of all opponents that stand before them.

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