100 Best Boss Fights: 50 – 41

Part 6 of the 100 Best Boss Fights 50 - 41

There have been some really cool, and most epic boss fights in the history of video games. But with there being so many, how do we know which ones are the best? It's all a matter of opinion, with that said this is my list for the 100 best boss fights of all time. 

What makes a boss fight the best? Well a number of things; the fight has to be memorable, it can also be epic, or outright insane. A boss fight can be unforgiving in difficultly, or it can be as simple as pressing the A button. Whatever the boss fight is, all that matters is that I enjoyed it in one way or another.

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50.) Kingdom Hearts - Ice Titan

This secret boss has to be by far the hardest boss in the original Kingdom Hearts, seeing at level 69 Sora can die in three hits. If you try to get close to the Ice Titan while he is not stunned then you will simply get your face kicked in, in order to deal any damage to him you must parry his ice bolts back at him. After every bar of health that the Ice Titan loses, he gains another attack that is used when he moves. Eventually the fight is just mass chaos, if you have managed to defeat this boss then I tip my hat to you.

49.) Castlevania - Death

Getting to death in the original Castlevania was nothing short of a miracle for me, but when it came down to fighting him I just could not defeat the reaper. From his seemingly random scythes that fly by the hundreds around the room, to Death himself. Death likes to float from one side of the room to the other, and if he touches you, you lose a massive 4 slots of health.

48.) Tekken 3 - True Ogre

Although the person in the video makes it look like fighting Ogre and True Ogre is a cake walk, I can assure you it’s not, especially if you are not good at fighting games. After defeating Ogre once he will then absorb Heihachi Mishima and turn into True Ogre, which is a monstrous demon entity hell bent on destroying you. You might want to turn down the difficulty a bit when fighting him, because he hits like an atom bomb.

47.) Turok 2 - Primagen

Turok 2 has a special place in my heart, I grew up trying to beat the game and never succeeded, not without using the ultimate cheat code: BewareOblivionIsAtHand. Although there are very few bosses in the game, Primagen has to be the most epic out of all of them. After placing all of the level keys, a portal opens up to Primagen’s lightship and the fight begins. After avoid a barrage of grenades, and killing some annoying enemies Primagen finally comes out of hiding to face Turok. Using his wings Primagen will leap across the platform in pursuit of Turok, along with shooting some plasma beams and more grenades. After blasting away Primagen’s health bar three times he dies via disintegration, a worthy death for a worthy foe.

46.) Megaman X2 - Zero

Technically fighting Zero would be considered a secret, but if you fail to find all of Zero’s parts before challenging Sigma then he will have to be fought. The fight starts off with Zero blasting a barrage of super charged attacks at X, followed up by a beamsaber attack. Make sure you have plenty of full energy tanks, because he hits like a truck. Zero will also dash forward and slam the ground before him, sending debris flying upwards. Be careful during this fight, because Zero tends to block your attacks from time to time.

45.) Resident Evil - Tyrant

The original Resident Evil is still one of the best of the franchise, and definitely one of the scariest. The last fight of the game is really intense, even by today’s standards. It doesn’t matter if you pick Jill or Chris, they both run around and move similar to a tank. Meanwhile tyrant zips around the rooftop of the mansion like a 90‘s kid hopped up on Surge and Fun Dip. Hopefully you still have a bit of ammo left over, because you’re going to need it. After awhile Brad drops a rocket launcher down for you to kill Tyrant with, just make sure you aim it correctly, you only have four shots and Tyrant can deflect them.

44.) Super Mario 64 - Bowser

Although you face Bowser plenty of times in Super Mario 64, the last time you fight him is definitely the most epic. Seeing as it is a damn chore just to get to him, because of the sadistic obstacle course of a level he puts before him. Then once you finally reach him, its dark, its scary, and the platform starts to fall apart half way through the fight. Run behind him and grab his tail, and then spin the thumb stick counterclockwise to throw him into a bomb.

43.) Donkey Kong Country - King K. Rool

Donkey Kong Country is notorious for its unrelenting and brutal difficulty--Even though the person in this video makes the fight look like a cake walk--King K. Rool was a nightmare, well he was when I was a kid. After dodging crowns and cannon balls the King is supposedly defeated, and the credits roll. But after the credits King K. Rool jumps back up and hops around like a mad man trying to stomp out DK and Diddy. But don’t worry, a few more bonk’s on his shiny dome should do the trick.

42.) Diablo 2 - Baal

The Lord Of Destruction expansion pack was one of my favorite parts of Diablo 2. Fighting Mephisto and Diablo was an amazing experience, but the bout against Baal was more challenging and exciting than both of the previous prime evils combined. Getting to the world stone was test and then some, but when Baal summons a clone of himself things got a bit too intense. Make sure to bring some friends for this hell spawn, you’re going to need them.

41.) Far Cry 3 - Vaas

Far Cry 3 is one of the best FPS games I have had the pleasure of playing, and the fight with Vaas was truly epic. Raiding the compound lone wolf style was nothing short of awesome, and then when you finally find Vaas he stabs you with a poisoned knife. The entire one on one fight is a complete hallucination, which makes it one of the best fights in the game. Plus it’s completely satisfying to see Jason stab the snot out of Vaas.

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