100 Of The Best Boss Fights: 90 – 81

Some more of the most epic and awesome boss fights

There have been some really cool, and most epic boss fights in the history of video games. But with there being so many, how do we know which ones are the best? It's all a matter of opinion, with that said this is my list for the 100 best boss fights of all time. 


What makes a boss fight the best? Well a number of things; The fight has to be memorable, it can also be epic, or outright insane. A boss fight can be unforgiving in difficultly, or it can be as simple as pressing the A button. Whatever the boss fight is, all that matters is that I enjoyed it in one way or another.

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Mass Effect 3 - Shepard vs The Reaper

The Mass Effect series is full of epic and jaw dropping moments, but the third installment in the franchise has one of the coolest boss fights of all time. Fighting a gigantic reaper with only a laser guided missile system was fantastic. Watch out for its death beam though, because that will obliterate you instantly. Seeing the entire alliance fleet shoot everything it has at a single reaper was one of the best moments in the franchise for me.

Star Fox 64 - The Real Andross

Finally getting to the real Andross was an achievement for me back when I was a kid. Seeing that gigantic brain with the two floating eyeballs was nightmarish, but exciting at that same time. Be careful to not get sucked into the brain tentacles while you fight him, it is devestating. Plus, after defeating Andross Fox's father comes out of nowhere and helps you escape, an epic experience indeed.

Mortal Kombat - Raiden vs Shao Kahn

The most recent Mortal Kombat has one of the most challenging and frustrating boss fights of all time, Shao Khan. Not only do you have to defeat him once, but twice during the story mode. Both times are rage inducing and require you to be as cheap and unfair as humanly possible. Watch out for Shao Kahn's X-ray attack though, that move takes out atleast 75% of your health.

Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow - Gabriel vs Satan

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow is one of the best Castlevania games in my opinion, and the last boss fight is the cherry on top. Switching between light and dark magic on the fly was a awesome touch to the fight. The game made you use just about every skill you knew in order to defeat Satan and save the world.

The Legend of Dragoon - Melbu Framha

The Legend of Dragoon is one of my all time favorite games; the journey Dart and his friends take is truly epic. A journey that starts off as a rescue mission and eventually turns into a journey to save the world from ultimate destruction. The last boss wishes to rebuild the world, and it is up to you to stop the will of a god. Be sure to max out your additions and have plenty of body and spirit potions. This fight is a doozy.

Diablo - Diablo

The very first Diablo game was terrifying for me, especially when I finally managed to get to Diablo himself. A small army of insanely strong enemies guard Diablo, after thinning the herd a bit, you're in for a real treat. Diablo himself deals a massive amount of damage, so be prepared to have a boat load of healing potions. Plus the ending cinematic is one of the best plot twists ever.

Super Mario RPG - Smithy

Super Mario RPG: Legend Of The Seven Stars is an awesome and magnificent Mario game. Fighting Smithy was a gnarly and most epic battle. Seeing the true form of Smithy was amazing, and his head always changed to mix up the strategy of the fight. Make sure you bring a lot of pick me up's and healing potions, Mario and friends are in for a legendary fight.

The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time - Ganon

Ocarina of Time is widely known as one of the best Legend of Zelda game's of all time. We all knew that we had to fight Ganondorf, but the big twist for me was seeing Ganon. Lightning cracking everywhere, darkness surrounding you and a ring of fire... a masterpiece of a fight indeed. Ocarina of Time brought the level of epic to eleven. Ganon's only weak spot is his tail, so try your best to get behind him. Watching Link trust his sword deep into Ganon's mouth was amazing, and still is to this day.

World of Warcraft - The Lich King

World of Warcraft has a lot of epic moments, but the fight on top of Icecrown Citadel is by far the most epic moment thus far. The heroic twenty-five man version of The Lich King was the best version for sure. Stepping on a shadow trap resulted in instant death, range had to take care of the frost orbs during phase two, and getting sucked into Frostmourne was amazing. The whole fight was phenomenal, plus you got a chance of getting Invincible, The Lich King's flying mount.

Wolfenstein 3D - Adolf Hitler

The original first person shooter was challenging, even by today's standards. Fighting through hordes of Nazi's only to find out that the final boss is Hitler in a mech suit. Pretty epic stuff. Although he's fairly easy, watching Hitler explode into a pile of gore is always a plus in my book. Get out your machine gun and fire away!


Part 1: 100 - 91

Part 3: 80 - 71

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Part 5: 60 - 51

If there is a boss fight that you would like to see on the list, please let me know.

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