12 Costumes the Actors Really Should Have Stolen to Wear Around Later

Why must great costumes wind up under glass or in storage? These 12 should have been stolen off set for regular wear.
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Many peacocks suffered so Sean Connery could look outlandishly fabulous in Highlander. I hope he still throws this on from time to time and then lounges on the couch watching HBO.

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If the chest bursting prosthesis from Alien didn't get worn out for at LEAST one late after filming meal at an all night diner to scar some poor waitress for life, then I am utterly disappointed in the cast.

Anthony Hopkins should be rocking the Odin costume at the grocery store Sunday mornings.

Natalie Portman might as well steal all of Padme's clothes. She can wear this outfit to yoga. (Minus the gun. Doesn't exactly say Namaste.)

Practically made to be a beach cover up. Perfect for keeping the paparazzi wondering what bathing suit you're wearing.

Because Tuesday. 

Actually... Nevermind. The only reason he should steal that costume is to lock it in a trunk and sink it to the bottom of the sea so he can keep working on not being typecast forever in peace.

David Bowie should have just taken his entire wardrobe from Labyrinth and jammed it surreptitiously into a suitcase. Giant pointy collars? Sparkly capes? Cravats everywhere? Awkwardly prevalent codpieces? Those separates would have served him well for years.

If Orlando Bloom didn't keep this one to help pick up the ladies on Halloween, then he's really not leveraging his strong suit.

Will Turner is not the way to go on this one Orlando. Trust us.

Go ahead Christian, take it. After all "it's not who you are underneath, it's what you wear that defines you." Besides, you know you're gonna want to be Batman again sometime.

Just to walk up behind random women who look like they're having a bad day and whisper:

"As you wish."

Wrapping up with someone who actually did it: Mal has a badass outfit from a beloved series, so who can blame Nathan Fillion for using it in an episode of Castle? We sure don't.

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