13 Days Of FF13: Additional Faces – Allies

A look at your Allies throughout the series.

A look at your Allies throughout the series.
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There aren’t many allies outside of the main cast. It’s to be expected with such a large group of main characters though.



Snow’s vigilante group that help with the resistance during the Bodhum purge.You don’t see them again after you leave the hanging gardens until FFXIII-2. In FFXIII-2 they play a bigger role leading the village of New Bodhum for Snow.

Gadot, Yuj, Maqui, Lebreau.


Gadot is Snow’s second in command, and of the four members he’s the only one that you’d expect to be in the group.


Yuj is the group’s “pretty boy.” Not someone you’d expect to find in a group of monster exterminators or resistance fighters.


Maqui is the tech savvy person of the group. He doesn’t really seem to be experienced in a fight.


Lebreau is the motherly character taking care of the others. Handy in a fight, Lebreau seems to fit in a lot better than Yuj or Maqui.


Dajh is the son of Sazh. Although he is a Cocoon L’Cie, he’s unaware of the ramifications of this. He complete’s his focus by finding Sazh and VAnille in Nautilus.

The Calvary:

Initially led by Cid Raines, but after Cid challenges the main characters, his second in command Rygdea takes over. The Calvary is opposed to a Fal”Cie led Cocoon. The first time the Calvary actively helps out the group is in Palumpolum.

Their big role was in the overthrow at the end of the story. Taking out Cid Raines who was now just a Fal’Cie’s puppet they decide to take on Orphan to free Cocoon. In the end the Calvary are all turned into Cie’th.


Other than NORA in New Bodhum there are only a few additional allies in FFXIII-2.


You meet Alyssa in Bresha Ruins 05 AF. She tips you off on all of the details of the area and the Paradox situation with Atlas. After solving this Paradox, Alyssa get’s promoted to Hope’s assistant. She travels through time with Hope as his second in command. Both are very helpful throughout the game.


There are many different Yeuls, all are different, but all can be considered allies. Only one ever actively says anything in opposition to Serah and Noel. She does so in hopes of saving Serah, not in an attempt to oppose the two. Even the Yeuls seen with Caius have no desire to oppose the pair.

Lightning Returns:


It’s unknown whether Lumina is an ally or an enemy. Even the official description of Lumina on the Lightning Returns website leaves it open to question.

This wraps up the list of additional allies. Be sure to check out my FF13 content in my 13 Days of FF13 overview.

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