13 Days Of FF13: Overview

Your guide to the Thirteen Days of FFXIII!

Starting today, for the next thirteen days I'll release FFXIII series content leading up to the release of Lightning Returns in the US on February 11th.

What This Entails:

This means I'll write reviews for the first two games, as well as important character spotlights. I even expect to write some basic pre-release Lightning Returns guides, thanks to the demo that we have access to PS3 and Xbox 360. I'll be here counting down the final days til Lightning Returns, sharing my excitement with everyone.

The Countdown:

Here I'll link in each piece as I write it. I'll even give a forecast for a few of the days.

Day 1: The Beginning

Day 2: Time and Space

Day 3: Lightning

Day 4: Serah

Days 5: Snow

Day 6: Hope

Day 7: Sazh

Day 8: Vanille

Day 9: Fang

Day 10: Noel

Day 11: Additional Faces of FFXIII

Day 12: Additional Faces of FFXIII

Day 13: coming soon!

Unfortunately, Day 13 depended on me getting my game on time. Due to a weather storm this did not happen. I apologize for the inconvenience, please look forward to guides as soon as I get my game delivered.

Stay Tuned For More:

In addition to the Thirteen Days of FFXIII special once Lighting Returns releases, I'll write in-depth guides for the game. When that start's I'll link the guide overview here.

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Published Feb. 11th 2014

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