13 Days Of FF13: Fang

A Look at Fang in the FFXIII series.

A Look at Fang in the FFXIII series.

Today I’m wrapping up playable FFXIII characters with Fang. Although she hadn’t been with the team from the start, she is a powerhouse.


Playing As Fang:

Fang starts out with Commando, Sentinel, and Saboteur. As the only character with a higher efficiency in Commando than Lightning, Fang is the best in the game. Fang is remarkably high-efficiency in every role, in comparison to how some others only excel in their primary three.

Due to Fang’s all around great efficiency levels, there is no wrong way to build her as long as you keep her primaries up-to-date. I’d definitely make sure you build her around her Commando and Sentinel roles though as they are by far her best. She scales well late game as a Saboteur, however she lacks the Death skill that Vanille gets.

Depending on how you build her, I’d recommend the Dragoon Lance or Taming Pole weapon trees. Dragoon Lance is the best if you don’t mind sacrificing the ability to use magic. However, Taming Pole is only 41 max Strength lower than the other and has equal magic. Coupled with the Stagger Lock effect, the Taming Pole  a really good hybrid weapon.

Fang’s Eidolon:

With all the Dragoon references tied into Fang’s character, it’s only natural that Bahamut is her Eidolon. Bahamut is a power house just like every other Final Fantasy that he appears in. His Megaflare is one of the easiest ways to get the Limit Breaker achievement. I’d definitely practice building him up to a tier 3 Gestault so you can get that achievement.

Fang’s Story:

Fang and Vanille came from the village of Oerba long before the events of the story take place. They entered crystal stasis even though they failed their focus the first time around. As Pulse L’Cie they were given the focus of destroying Orphan by becoming Ragnarok. The reason that they failed is due to Vanille holding Fang back.

When they wake from crystal stasis, Fang doesn’t remember anything of their focus, or what had happened. Her brand has also been scorched to the point where it is no longer progressing. Vanille pretends to have the same memory issues as Fang so that they wouldn’t continue to try to complete their focus.

After the events of Euride Gorge, Fang and Vanille become separated. Somehow Fang ends up with the Calvary, who agree to help Fang. When the others leave Snow behind, he is picked up by Fang and the Calvary. The next time you see them is Palumpolum, when Hope and Lightning arrive.

After the escape from Cocoon, Fang confronts Vanille about hiding their focus from her. After beating Orphan Fang and Vanille become the Crystal pillar that prevents Cocoon from falling.


Fang doesn’t really have a role in FFXIII-2. She and Vanille help Serah out of her dreamworld when Serah denies the dream, but that’s about the extent of their involvement. It’s hard to have an active role when you’re solid crystal.

Lightning Returns:

It’s been revealed that Fang leads a group of bandits, but her role in the story is unknown.

This is the end of the FFXIII characters; tomorrow I’ll cover Noel as the last playable character in the series. For more FFXIII content leading up to Lightning Returns, check out my 13 Days Of FF13 overview.

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