15 video-game based works from DeviantArt

15 Brilliant Video Game Tributes From DeviantArt

15 video-game based works from DeviantArt

Fan Art Is a Tribute to Visual Media

Fan art has been around as long as media has - from artists' renderings of scenes from books, to expanding the universe of a movie or video game. The imaginations of many a creative mind have been sparked by a random scene or conversation that simply begs them to take it one step further. Here is a collection of fifteen works from artists on DeviantArt which have captured the essence of a video game (or games) in stunning tribute to the inspiring work.
Dragon Effect by AndrewRyanArt

We'll start with an epic piece spanning not one, but two award-winning games by BioWare: Mass Effect and Dragon Age, depicting the crew of the Normandy as they would appear on Thedas: Dragon Effect by AndrewRyanArt

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Following Cullen by FalseSecurity

An adorable piece of Dragon Age's Cullen followed by a mabari puppy just looking for someone to love, Following Cullen is sure to tug at your heartstrings.

Goodnight by meonlyred

Kaidan Alenko and the player's version of Commander Shepard (female), characters from BioWare's Mass Effect series, sleep on the couch. Fighting Reapers sure takes a lot out of you.

Messing With Garrus by JulianneKnight

What has been seen cannot be unseen. Clearly, hammers were modeled after Turian heads. At least, that is what I took away from this comic featuring Mass Effect's Commander Shepard messing with her Turian companion, Garrus.

Kaidan and Jane Dancing Away by ladywinde

Kaidan Alenko and the artist's Commander Shepard (female) from BioWare's Mass Effect series share a dance at an Officer's Ball in this fantastic, fantasy-like piece.

Isn't he Ad-AURA-ble and Mew... too? by ItsBirdyArt

Pokémon so adorable, you can't just have one. Baby Riolu is wearing a hoodie of his evolution, Lucario, in Isn't he Ad-AURA-ble, while Mew dons a onesie tribute to his genetically altered sibling Mewtwo in Mew... too?, both by ItsBirdyArt.


Warcraft X Diablo by GENZOMAN 

A clever piece depicting Tyrael, Angel of Justice and a Night Elf hunter from Blizzard's Diablo and Warcraft universes. Let's just hope that Tyrael doesn't mistake the elf for a succubus, yes?

League of Legends - We Shall Protect by ffSade

A powerful piece depicting many of the support champions from Riot Games' League of Legends, ffSade's League of Legends - We Shall Protect pays tribute to those unsung heroes who stand behind us and hold us aloft.

Marushi by AvannTeth

A splendid commission of Marushi's blood elf hunter and two of her pets from Blizzard's World of Warcraft, created by AvannTeth.

Nimzana's Portrait Commission by Shalinka

Nimzana's Portrait Commission by Shalinka proves that in Blizzard's World of Warcraft, cow eats you. Commission of Nimzach's Tauren Death Knight.

PSC - Geralt and Triss by aimo

PSC - Geralt and Triss by aimo is a well-rendered personal sketch card featuring Geralt of Rivia and Triss Merigold from CD Projekt RED's The Witcher series.

Zelda: Links Reforged by ChasingArtwork

Link and Dark Link from Nintendo's Legend of Zelda series appear ready for anything - except, perhaps, pointy chickens, in ChasingArtwork's Zelda: Links Reforged.


Maiev Shadowsong by Nyogtha-Art

A picture of Maiev Shadowsong from Blizzard's Warcraft series so well-rendered by Nyogtha-Art, Illidan must shudder in fear to see it.

Destiny by Guzzardi

Destiny by Guzzardi depicts a lovely watercolor piece of a Titan, Hunter, and Warlock, as well as their weapons, from Bungie's Destiny

Fan Art is Our Expression of Love for Video Games

Video games have traditionally been a rich source of inspiration for artists. The vivid visuals and in-depth story lines of many video games help spark the imagination, and artists often put their talents to good use, creating beautiful works of fan art in tribute to their favorite games. Many of these artists display their work on DeviantArt, a social networking site dedicated to offering artists a place to exhibit, promote, and share their work with a like-minded community.

This slideshow is only a tiny sampling of the immense talent available on DeviantArt, so if you like what you see, please, visit the website and discover more awesome artists like these.

(Final slide by the author: Mass Effect Companion Wallpaper - by Ainyan42)

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